Microsoft Attracts Users Of Gmail Using Outlook.Com Import Tool

Microsoft Outlook tools

Introducing Microsoft Outlook tools

We use the internet for different functions and emailing is one among them. Since emails help us send our messages pretty fast, we all depend on different email services for sending our messages. When we send emails, it is quite natural if we encounter certain errors or problems and when we find one acting weirdly, we may soon skip to the next one in order to enjoy their services. But sometimes due to outage problems, email services may stop functioning and recently Gmail had to face such a trouble.

When Gmail users had to face the outage last week, Microsoft readily introduced a tool that is called Import tool. The main purpose of this tool is to get your Gmail account imported to In order to encourage customers towards this move, Microsoft has also introduced several steps and they have been published in a blog post by Microsoft. If you are not a user of, you need to have an account on to get started up.

As per Microsoft, “This will import your Gmail emails into your inbox and, because you’ve connected both accounts, your Google contacts will automatically appear in The structure of your inbox, including read/unread status of your emails, will be preserved. The new tool will even set up your Gmail address as a ‘send-only’ account so you can continue to send email from your address, right from, if you still want to”.

different email services

start with Microsoft Outlook tools

If you wish to view your emails in Gmail through your account, then it is possible to send the email to your account. Microsoft has given more importance to Microsoft Outlook tools as they have already learned that there is a possibility of more people switching to other email accounts. They find that the discontent with Gmail is one of the possibilities for people switching to other email services. This was found in a market research and as per the research, a majority of people are thinking about switching to other email accounts if they get a chance.

The new move of Microsoft Outlook tools was introduced by Microsoft as many users of Gmail found it difficult to access emails and Microsoft obviously anticipated more flow of users towards their tool.

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Steps To Remove Bing Toolbar

Remove Bing toolbar

Bing toolbar updates

In computing, a toolbar is defined as a series of buttons that provide the users an easy way to select certain desktop functions or provides the search results within a web browser. While some of these represent search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, others come along with application programs such as word processors and spreadsheet programs. Usually these toolbars are designed in order to provide an easy and immediate access to the functions commonly used by the users.

Bing toolbar is one such toolbar that represents the Bing search engine. A default option is set in the Bing search engine that keeps a track of every topic a user enters into it. The search history remains there and is accessible to any user who uses your system to browse. Usually when you log out of your Windows Live ID, the search history gets deleted. This may cause concerns for some people regarding the security issues and privacy. Availability of Bing toolbar can also be irritating sometimes, as it would replace your web browser’s home page with Bing. In such cases, you would have no other option than to remove Bing toolbar.

To delete the search history on Bing and remove the Bing toolbar, you can use the following instructions provided by the Windows tech support.

  • You would need to change your browser’s default search tool. This is because if you are using Internet Explorer, it defaults to Bing.
  • Now, you need to click the down arrow available next to the browser’s search field on the top-right corner of the browser window. Now, click on the Find More Providers option.

    home page

    uninstall Bing toolbar

  • You need to select the specific search engine you want to use and then click on Add to Internet Explorer. In the resulting dialog box, check the Make this my default search provider option and then click on Add.
  • Now, to remove Bing toolbar, you would need to click on the Control Panel first and then on the Add/Remove Programs applet.
  • Now, go ahead and click on Start menu, Run and enter the command appwiz.cpl into the box. Now, press ENTER and select Bing Bar from the available options. Now, click on Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.

These steps would help you to successfully remove the search history on Bing and uninstall the Bing toolbar. For more information, please contact our Windows technical support team.

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Internet Explorer 11 Now Available For Windows 7 OS

Windows 7 support

Windows support

The touch friendly interface of the Windows 8 OS is such a big leap from the previous versions of the Windows OSs that many of the computer users chose to stick with the Windows 7 OS. It seems that Microsoft is not leaving those holdouts behind. They have now released a version of the Internet Explorer 11 that can be installed in the Windows 7 operating system.

Internet Explorer 11 for the Windows 7 OS is available for download in 95 countries. This version includes the same performance, stability, and security improvements that the Windows 8.1 has enjoyed in the past few weeks. As per Microsoft, the real world websites load 9% faster than the Internet Explorer 10 and 30% faster than the other competing web browsers. This is achieved by the better JavaScript performance of the web browser.

Roger Capriotti, who is the senior director of marketing for Internet Explorer said, “The engineering team has worked to make every subsequent version of IE faster than its predecessor.” “Everything from tapping into things like hardware acceleration — where the GPU is used to hardware-accelerate the browser — to making the fastest Javascript engine on the market” he added. Microsoft also claims that Internet Explorer 11 has more effective security tools, citing the statistics from NSS Labs. In one of the recent studies, the information security firm has said that Internet Explorer blocks 92% of the phishing and malware attacks.

better JavaScript performance

Windows 7 OS

IE users in Windows 7 will also benefit from the expanded standards of the version 11. WebGL is supported in this version and it gives the developers more flexibility to make highly visual websites. Internet Explorer 11 also supports device awareness and HTML 5 drag and drop option. This will allow a web designer to make a website that knows the orientation of the device in which it is running. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows 7 support team.

Microsoft has also made an IE 11 test site, a hub of links to the web pages that showcase the new features of the recent web browser version. Capriotti said, “We were approached by a man named Dan Church who was looking to bring Hover back.” “Dan was a child in the ’90s, and the game was one of the things that drove him to be a software developer. He had worked to re-create the gameplay for the web,” he added. If you wish to know more on the features of Internet Explorer 11, you can contact the Windows 7 support team.

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About Some Of The Common Problems In Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Problems

Windows 8 RT

Windows 8.1, the latest OS from Microsoft, is out already. Many users think Windows 8.1 is the best OS from Microsoft. However, for many others, the OS is not up to the mark due to some problems they faced while using it. Microsoft announced that they are working on the fixes to repair Windows 8 problems. What are the problems that Windows 8.1 users are encountering? This article looks at some of the frequently reported problems in the Windows 8.1 OS.

Windows 8.1 installation problem due to outdated drivers

Many users have complained that their Windows 8.1 upgrade got interrupted due to some unexpected driver issues. During the installation of Windows 8.1 upgrade, the users were prompted to remove the Sentinel Runtime Drivers. Many users tried their best to find out the ways to remove these problematic drivers including trying to uninstall it from the Control Panel. However, they could not find any such driver in the list of installed programs and applications in the Add/Remove Programs section.

BSOD error in Windows RT 8.1

Sentinel Runtime Drivers

Windows 8 OS

All versions of Windows 8.1 had their share of problems since the release, although the Microsoft experts fixed many of them soon. Among the problems, the most serious, as been reported by many, was the bug issue that affected the Windows RT 8.1 OS. The bug caused BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error after the installation of the Windows RT 8.1 upgrade. Some users have reported Boot Configuration Data File errors after the installation. Considering the seriousness of the problem, Microsoft had temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update option from its Windows Store facility.

Windows 8 problems prompted many users to try the Windows 8.1 preview after it was released. However, when Microsoft released the final version of Windows 8.1, the users who moved to Windows 8.1 preview from their previous operating systems were left without any options to move to the final version. There was no option for retaining the installed programs and saved settings. Users say that Microsoft could have introduced some options to help the users of Windows 8.1 Preview to move to the final without any technical glitches.

Microsoft has been receiving many such complaints from users across the world regarding the problems with Windows 8.1. The software giant has assured the users that their concerns would soon be addressed.

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Xbox One Party System

Microsoft Chat

       Microsoft Chat Support

The Xbox One game console from Microsoft was released on November 22. This device has a bundle of new features that are aimed to make the video game console the only entertainment system needed by users. The feedbacks and reviews on the product show that not everyone is happy with the device. The party system of the product is drawing numerous complaints. According to one of the disappointed users, the party invitation system of the video game console is inadequate and frustrating.

One of the Reddit users said, “Party chat and invites are flawed.” He added, “Mainly because you can’t invite like on 360, the new auto invite assumes you have one friend or many with the exact same taste in games and making a party or joining it is painfully long all buried deep with a unintuitive navigation design. You can’t even boot people.” In addition to the complaints with invitation, the Smart Match feature is also much criticized. Another Reddit user said, “They need to fix Smart Match and put manual invites back in.” He continued, “I don’t think it needs to be one or the other.”

Larry Hyrb who is the Microsoft director of Xbox Live programming joined the conversation to assure the users that Microsoft Corporation is working to fix the issue. However, we all know that the Xbox One users are not the ones who sit around and wait for Microsoft to do something. Instead of waiting for Microsoft to make the necessary changes, they have made their own website, which is called as Xbox Feedback. This community is working towards making a better Xbox One, discuss the problem encountered with the users and provides suggestions on improving the gaming console.

Xbox Feedback

         Microsoft Support

Larry Hyrb said on Reddit that he has passed the website to Microsoft. Microsoft Xbox One was launched on Nov 29 in thirteen different territories. They had sold one million units within the first 24 hours of its official release. This number was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft chat support team. If you wish to know more on the Xbox One gaming console, you can contact the Microsoft chat support team. They will be able to provide you with more details on the features of the Xbox One video gaming console. You can also visit the official Microsoft website to know more on the latest feature additions of Xbox One.

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