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Due to the large number of features integrated in Outlook, this email program has become the number one program for managing emails. Now, just like any other software programs that you have worked with, Outlook too can give you a few troubles at times. Sometimes, the issue might be associated with the settings in the program and sometimes due to other factors.

One of the Outlook problems that are not associated with the settings issue is the freezing of the program. Outlook can freeze due to numerous reasons. In this post, we will find out those reasons one by one and find out the remedial measures as well.

Issue with PST file

Sometimes, the PST file of the program might be corrupted. In this case, the program fails to launch. If you face this situation, you will have to scan the PST file with the Outlook repair tool and fix the issue. The Outlook repair tool is present in the Outlook folders and will have the name scanpst.exe. Run this tool and choose the PST file to scan. Once the scan with the repair tool is over, the program will fix the errors associated with it.

Add-in issues

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One of the major attractions of Outlook is that, you will be able to find many add-ins for the program. This add-ins can help you access and use different services with the single click of a button. Now, this add-ins can also become troublemakers. If any of the add-ins in the program becomes corrupted, the program may not be launched.

In this situation, the first step is to run the program in safe mode. In order to run the program in safe mode, you need to open the Run window from Start menu and type Outlook.exe /safe. Select the option OK and this will run the program in safe mode. If the program runs without any troubles, it means one of the add-ins is causing the trouble. Remove each of the add-ins and try to launch the program in normal mode until you find the corrupted add-in.

With the above steps, you can fix the freezing issues of Outlook. If the above steps did not help you to fix the issue, you may contact the technical support firm, Omni Tech Support. There are no Omni Tech Support scams reported and therefore, you can trust this company. Majority of the customers who have availed the services of this company are happy with the services offered and the absence of Omni Tech Support scams is an evidence for it.

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Outlook Express is famous for the way it eases people’s workload. This is probably why it’s used in offices and homes around the world. People prefer to use this application as their primary email client, and the benefits justify the choice in most cases. But just like other software, Outlook Express can serve up errors which make it hard to work on it. It’s even a problem if the client slows down during an important operation, and you have to spend more time on the matter than you’re willing to.

Most of these errors can be tackled easily. Like most programs from the manufacturer, this one has a native Help menu which covers a variety of topics under which you might require assistance. You simply have to type in a relevant query and see if your issue is listed, and what fixes are viable. If you’re lucky, you’ll find instructions on how to proceed in that direction.

One of the things you should check is if the program is outdated. Maybe that’s why it’s acting up, or dead, depending on the problem you’re having. Many applications need to be kept updated with the latest patches as and when these come out. Outlook Express just happens to be one of those. There are people who do fine with using an outdated email client, but there’s no guarantee you’ll have the same luck. Plus, updates are really helpful in keeping your application data secure.

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Sometimes, the problem is that your whole computer freezes up, leaving you unable to finish important work. At times like these, you usually get an error code, and a mention of why you have the problem you do. Look this up on the internet and you’ll find an explanation, and possibly instructions for fixing the error. One common cause for this issue is some error in a relevant registry entry. If this is the case, you could use a registry cleaner tool to take care of the issue for you.

If that doesn’t work, try calling third party technical support. OmniTech Support is one good option. They offer genuine, quality services, and it’s evident that there’s no such thing as OmniTech Support scams.

Take the word of thousands of satisfied customers who have availed technical assistance for their PC problems. They’d scoff at the mention of OmniTech Support scams, as would you, after calling these guys.

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Microsoft Outlook is said to be the most advanced email application as it comprises of a set of useful and advanced features that provide a comfortable messaging experience to the users. For example, the features such as calendar, journals and task manager enable the users to set reminders for their important dates and also schedule their meetings and appointments.

Although Outlook works like a charm most of the times, at times, certain issues do pop up that force users to call up tech support services. In such cases, it is always recommended to call up a genuine tech support service like the Omni tech support team. The technicians at Omni tech support team troubleshot and fix all the issues related to this email application.

One of the most commonly encountered issues in Outlook is when the users find it difficult to access the attachments in the email application. In such cases, it is often recommended to add a key to the Windows Registry Editor, as this is found to solve the issue. To know how to fix this error in Outlook, you can use the following instructions provided by the Omni tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to click on the Start menu followed by Run. Once you get the dialog box, you need to enter regedit in the box and then press the Enter key.
  • Once you do so, the Registry Editor window will get opened. Now, you need to click on the + sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then move on to the Software Microsoft Office12.0 Outlook Security.
  • In the next step, you need to click on the Edit tab followed by New from the dropdown menu and then select String Value. Make sure to rename the value with something like Level 1 Remove. Once you’re done, you need to right click on this value and then select the Modify option from the drop down menu.

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  • Now, you need to enter extensions like.bat or.exe and then click on the OK button to close the window. Once done, you can also close the Registry Editor window.
  • You need to reopen the application now and check if you are able to download the blocked attachments.

These steps can help you to successfully access the attachments that have been blocked in the Outlook email application. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

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The Outlook email client is a very user-friendly application and there is really no need for any technical support for installing and using the email client in your system. The installation wizard will guide you through the process with on-screen instruction and the account setup wizard will be launched automatically the first time you run the application after the installation.

However, some of the not-so-tech-savvy users, who have never used a mail client application before, might find the process a little confusing. There are plenty of tech support websites you can refer to if this is the case. However, make sure that you are not seeking help from one of those fake OmniTech Support fraud sites set up by hackers.

Setting up your email account in MS Outlook

Now, as mentioned earlier, the account setup wizard will appear on the screen the first time you run the Outlook application after installation. This saves you the trouble of launching the application by going through the Outlook menu options. However, if you had skipped the account setup wizard for setting up the account later or if the wizard did not appear on the screen, you can launch it by going to the Tools menu and clicking on the option labelled Account Settings.

The Account Settings window will now appear on the screen. There, under the Email tab, click on the option New for launching the account setup wizard. Now, you can either use the Automatic account setup option, which requires only your name, email address and the password for setting up the account. All the other necessary details for establishing the connection with the online mail server will be automatically downloaded by the email client.

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Select the option Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types shown at the bottom of the wizard if you want to use the Manual Account Setup option. Here, you will have to enter the Incoming and Outgoing Serveraddresses and other details for setting up the account manually. For this, you have to collect the relevant details from the email service provider before you start with the email setup process.

The manual account setup mode will also become necessary if you require adding more security settings for the email account. At any rate, for Microsoft Exchange email accounts, you have to use this option.

You just need to fill in the blanks with these above-mentioned account details. You can always contact our tech support personnel, if you have any doubts about this. But, remember to avoid fake OmniTech Support fraud sites when looking for support online.

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According to Outlook experts, one of the primary reasons for Outlook problems is the oversize of the PST file. PST file is the core of the Outlook application. Hence, it is important to ensure that it does not get oversized. Outlook stores all your data in the PST file. It is stored in the local drive of your PC.

The PST file will keep on becoming bigger and bigger with the course of time. Unless you clear some of the unimportant Outlook data, the PST file is sure to get oversized over time and begins to create a number of Outlook problems like slow loading. Omni Tech support desk gives you a few tips to reduce the size of your PST file and get your Outlook back to the normal stage. If you reckon as OmniTech support a fake service because of the large number of Omni Tech support scams pages you may have seen online, let me tell you, it is a genuine online tech support service. Omni Tech support scams pages are created by hackers to dissuade users who try to seek Omni Tech services.

Purge all unnecessary data

If you have never done any email clearance in Outlook, you are sure to have a large number of unwanted emails in different Outlook folders like outbox, inbox, deleted items folder etc. It is advisable to purge all the unwanted emails you have in these folders. This will reduce the size of your Outlook PST file and make Outlook work faster.

In addition to that, clear the all the unnecessary contacts, old calendar events, etc. Check whether you have added any duplicate contacts in the Outlook address book. It is quite possible that you may have added duplicate contacts by mistake. By reviewing your Outlook address book, you can pinpoint the duplicate contacts and remove them straight away. This is good way to reduce the PST file size.

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Back up/Archive Outlook data

If there are many unread emails in your Outlook inbox, you can archive them for reading later. According to Omni Tech support desk, it is advisable to execute Outlook email archiving at least once in a fortnight. By archiving the Outlook data, you can separate them from the PST file and store them in a different location. Obviously, this will help reduce the PST file size and boost the application.

Once you execute the above steps, the size of your Outlook PST file would become small, letting the application function faster. For more help, contact our tech support guides.