Freeware For Uninstall Of Windows 8 Or Windows 7

Uninstall Windows 8

         Uninstall Windows 8 Info

Nowadays, it is pretty common for windows users to use two or more operating systems on a single device. There are many reasons why people do that. Many web designers like testing their websites in various web-browsers running on various operating systems. So that answers why they use multiple platforms on a single computer.

Others do that when one of the operating systems becomes unbootable. In such a way, users will still be able to continue using the other one and access your important data on that operating system. Your data will be more safe and accessible in a system having multiple operating systems. But sometimes, it is difficult to uninstall the faulty operating system installed in your computer. In such an event, you will need the help of another program that is designed for the purpose.

How to uninstall Windows 8 or Windows 7

There is an extremely useful freeware known as NanWick Uninstaller, which makes it easy to uninstall Windows 8 or other popular Windows OS from your system. This works similar to the uninstall process seen in any installed software in your system. It is easy to use this amazing tool for the removal of Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista from your system. Apart from that, this tool can also be used to uninstall any of the Windows preview versions.

Becomes Unbootable

            Uninstall Windows 8 Help

This software tool is developed for removing the system files from the computer, followed by the complete removal of the OS entry at the boot menu. You will see that all the other files on the other operating system are unharmed. You can also backup your libraries and other important personal data before uninstalling the operating system. Here is how the tool works.

Firstly, this tool takes up the ownership of the Windows folder in the operating system root directory. Thereafter, it goes on owning some hidden files and folders in the system root directory such as Program Files, Users, Program Data, Recycle Bin, Recovery and Config.Msi, etc. After owing important content, it just start removing the files by deleting them individually. After the Operating System documents, its trace will be removed from the boot menu. For that purpose, the tool employs a command known as bcdedit.

The operating system entry will be successfully removed from the boot menu when the process finishes, thereby uninstalling Windows completely from your system. Check out the relevant posts on this website to learn how to reinstall Windows 8 if you want.

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Tips For Merging Outlook Inbox From Several Accounts

Outlook help

           Outlook 2011

Outlook happens to be an efficient personal information manager from Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is available to the users as part of Microsoft Office suite. You can see that the latest and updated versions of the personal information manager are Outlook 2013 for Windows OS and Outlook 2011 that is compatible with Mac as well. Outlook is mainly used as an email application. Besides that Outlook is also having a task manager, calendar, contact manager and can be used for web browsing and preparing notes and journals. At times, minor technical discrepancies can occur but can be quickly resolved with Outlook help.

It is great to know that you can merge your Outlook inbox from numerous accounts and comprise it into a single file. One of the best advantages of combining Outlook inbox is that you can save a considerable amount of your onscreen space. With the below mentioned Outlook help instructions you can combine your Outlook inbox from several accounts into a single file.


  • Click to open Microsoft Outlook and select the option File menu.
  • Inside the File menu, select Account settings. It is inside Account settings, you can see the drop down menu. Click on Settings that you can see inside the drop down menu.
  • You will see the main Account settings window with all the existing email accounts and ensure that the pointer of your mouse is on the email tab.
  • Now click on email account that has the inbox that you prefer to combine. Microsoft Outlook will provide you the Change Folder option that you will be able to find at the bottom of Account settings window.

    Outlook features

                  Outlook 2013

  • Click on Outlook and then Inbox that you find inside Change Folder dialog box. Click on New Folder and create a fresh folder if you prefer the mails to be delivered inside a new folder.     
  • Click on New Outlook file incase if you want use new PST file for emails.
  • Click on Outlook and then on Inbox. You will be able to save time while creating backup for the files. 
  • It is better to select Outlook and then Inbox because special Outlook features such as contacts, calendars, etc are stored inside Outlook.pst.
  • Click on OK after you have selected your preferred folders.
  • Finally close Account Settings window.

Restart your computer and make sure that the changes applied are in effect now.

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Steps For Setting Up A Yahoo Mail Plus Account In Outlook 2010

Outlook Email Setup

                   Setup Email In Outlook

Gmail is undoubtedly the most widely used webmail service at present. Most of its users either use it as a webmail account or set it up in email client applications like Outlook. Yahoo is not far behind Gmail in terms of popularity. It is one of the first webmail services in the world, serving millions of traditional webmail users. Yahoo offers both freemium and premium services.

In order to set up your Yahoo account in email client applications, you need to have a premium account (Yahoo! Mail plus) instead of the usual freemium accounts. If you are using a freemium account at present, don’t worry, you can upgrade it to the premium type and set it up in Outlook or any other email client applications. This article features Outlook email setup instructions for Yahoo.


  • Launch Outlook and navigate to the File option.
  • Select Add New Account from the context menu.
  • Highlight Manually configure server settings from the dropdown menu. Click Next to proceed.
  • Outlook will prompt you now to choose the email account type. Select Internet Email and choose Next to continue.
  • Fill in the fields in the New Email Account screen.

Email Address: type your Yahoo email ID

Password: the password of your email account

  • Choose POP3 as the account type and fill in the server details as given below.

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing server:

Webmail Services

                Yahoo Mail In Outlook

  • After that, choose More Settings option and highlight the one labelled Outgoing Server. Select the checkbox before My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication. Be reminded to tick the checkbox before Use Same Settings as my incoming server as well.
  • Now, switch to the tab labelled Advanced and set the server timeout frame to 4. Choose OK to save the changes.
  • Next, select the option that states Test Account Settings. This will authenticate Outlook to verify your account details and access Yahoo server. If it succeeds in establishing connection with the Yahoo server, you will receive a confirmation email saying that Outlook email setup has been successful. Restart your Outlook application now and click the option that says Send/Receive emails. Outlook will download all the new emails you have received in your Yahoo account.

With the help of the above instructions, you should be able to set up your favourite Yahoo email account in Outlook. If you are using a different Outlook version, the email setup steps may be slightly different. Consider contacting an Outlook expert if you face any difficulties.

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Customizing Outlook 2010

Outlook Setting

            Outlook Tips And Tricks

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client just like Outlook and is freely available for download. Despite this, why is Outlook so famous? Because it offers some of the best services and has many different features that are absent in its competitors. It has been the leading email client cum personal information manager ever since it was released in the market.  Whether for business or for personal needs, Outlook is highly customizable and is capable of handling many different tasks.

In order to get the best out of Outlook, you need to customize it to your preference. This way, you can speed up your email client application by removing the features you would not be needing or you can use some add in that will simplify your work and help you complete it on time. Such few tweaks to the Outlook setting are all you need if you know what you should customize to get more juice.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Configuration Tips

Click on the File menu and then check through the various features under the Options tab. Some of these configuration options will be useful for you.

Enable Live Preview in Outlook

This option is available under the General menu and once enabled, will allow you to get a preview of how your email will look once you select a particular formatting option. Select this option if it is not automatically selected since it will save a lot of time.

Enable Spelling in Outlook

Personal Information Manager

               Useful Outlook Tricks

Under the Mail options of Outlook, you can choose to enable the Always Check Spelling before Sending option. This way all the spellings will be checked as soon as you send the Send button. This option might come in handy if you forgot to check the spellings manually. Selecting the option Ignore Original Messages in Reply or Forward allows you to avoid the troubles that others make when sending messages to you.

Indent Original Messages upon Reply & Forward

This simple feature avoids a lot of confusion and misunderstanding that creeps up from not being able to figure out which message the person is replying to. In order to circumnavigate this issue, you can choose to indent the original messages that are present in replies and forwards. This way, the email recipient can understand the entire conversation in just a glance and will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff by ignoring the indented part and moving straight to the relevant part of the message.

All these tips can be made use of by changing appropriate Outlook setting and are sure to help you get your work done even faster!

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About Xbox One Windows Drivers

Windows tech support

                 Tech support for Windows

Xbox One is the latest gaming console coming from the Xbox family developed by Microsoft and the tech giant has always tried to innovate their products by adopting new technologies. This Xbox gaming console is coming from the Windows operating system and its related systems. As a result, Microsoft continuously adopts technologies, which was developed previously for Xbox line of products and it is incorporated in to the Windows brands of products just like the Xbox 360 gamepad. This Xbox 260 gamepad is one among first choices among the professional as well as home based gamers and is next to the keyboard and mouse used in traditional computers and Kinect for Windows camera system.

Microsoft is always known for the release of new updates adding more specialties to their products or services. In order to add Xbox One controller compatibility to Windows, the tech giant has released a standalone package. Microsoft claims that, moving from Xbox 360 pad to the new Xbox One will bring more comfort, improves offset analogue sticks, and finally adds a better directional pad. There are similarities between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers as the Xbox 360 controller will work fine and without any problems with the Xbox One pad. There is no need for you to reconfigure it.

However, the only thing is that it supports only controller’s tethered mode of operation. This means that a user needs to connect a micro-USB cable between the Xbox One controller and the PC or Windows tablet, if you need to use Xbox One controller with the his/her Windows tablets or desktop PC. Moreover, during a gaming session, there are no worries about the running down of battery. However, when compared to the default wireless mode of the controller, it is not exactly ergonomic.

Xbox 360 pad

             Windows support for Xbox One

Along with the launch of Xbox One, the tech giant Microsoft has also started accepting pre-orders for the Windows based version of the Kinect 2 depth-sensing camera system. This Windows variant is available to the customers for just £159 according to the Windows tech support team and some of the features that are included are the ability to remotely read a person’s pulse and higher resolution when compared to its predecessor. All the users can download the drivers directly from the official Microsoft Store and are available in both 32bit as well as 64-bit versions.

For further updates and information regarding this, contact the Windows tech support number.

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