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Viruses, Trojans, hackers, SPAMS, etc are terms used regularly by users of computer networks, thanks to the increasing security threats they pose. The extent of threats posed by viruses, Trojans and hackers is enormous. They could creep into your office servers and leak out critical data. Time has come that commercial businesses can’t exist without strong security measures to tackle down security threats.

What does strong security policy mean?

Almost all business organizations have established certain level of security to their networks to alleviate the dangers caused by hackers, viruses and other security threats. Nevertheless, these are not enough. Frequent examination of the security solutions should be done to analyse their efficiency. Likewise, more sophisticated solutions should be integrated as early as possible. It should be noted that, when new technologies arrive, new security threats follow. Incorporation of an advanced security system will not only protect your valuable data against data loss due to virus infections or other undesired causes, but also make your networks immune to future risks.

Network security

In addition to keeping your systems safeguarded against viruses and Trojans, you need to ensure the safety of your local networks as well. This can be done by integrating advanced proxy services and firewalls. Unfortunately, the cost of integrating sophisticated security measures has become unaffordable for most small-scale businesses. Consequently, they avoid them, risking their valuable data. Omnitech support desk, the most reputed online PC support service in the world, offers advanced security measures to companies (large scale companies as well as small scale companies) and individual users at affordable rates. The Omnitech guides are Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE).

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Types of services offered by Omnitech support desk

Omnitech guides offer all kinds of PC support solutions. They help large scale businesses to establish a strong security policy for their computer networks. In addition to providing its customers with various levels of supports such as virus removal support, OS reinstallation support, Registry cleaning, Windows products and service supports, Omni tech support offers free advice and guidelines to its customers.

PC users from anywhere in the world can contact Omni Tech Support desk and avail its services. The company offers key services on the basis of subscription plans one chooses. To know in detail about different PC support services offered by Omni Tech support desk or to subscribe for a support plan, contact the customer support desk or visit the official website of the company.

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Reduce Your Downtime; Fix Your Issues In No Time

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Omni Tech Support Ripoff Around

With ever increasing number of computers in the world, the problem with them have also increased. In fact, there are so many problems associated with the electronic device that it is difficult to run a company without having some or the other kind of technical services available. For huge companies, the technical problems may not be that much of a problem considering the fact that they have their own dedicated IT department to handle all kinds of issues. What about SMBs, especially small businesses that cannot afford a separate IT staff? How will they manage their computer related issues?

This is precisely why technical support services came into existence. With the growing number of computers, the number issues have also increased. SMBs need not have time to resolve computer problems due to lack of technical help around. They have no choice, but to avail the services of technical support companies. However, not all technical support providers are good. Some of them may charge huge amounts for issue resolution. Others may not have the expertise to handle all kinds of technical problems. Most of the time, the technicians available are inexperienced. Since they do not have the required exposure to complex problems, they may not be able to resolve it quickly. This can increase the downtime.

proactive technical support

Beware Of Omni Tech Support Ripoff

Omni Tech Support knows what it takes to deliver quality.  Some Omni Tech Support ripoff sites around are total scams. People need to be aware of these Omni Tech Support ripoff sites around. The real Omni Tech Support never compromises on the quality, because there are hundreds of qualified technicians in the OTS team ever ready to resolve a variety of computer related problems.

OTS believes in providing proactive technical support. This improves the issue resolution speed. Since there is an ongoing protection being offered, the number of issues that occur reduce to a great extent.  With less number of issues, there will be less downtime. Less downtime means enhanced productivity and high profitability.

OTS provides the technical support in three steps: First there is a chat initiation, then, a conversation with a technical support person and finally, troubleshooting the issue with remote technical support. This way, OTS has been successful in providing first rate technical support to thousands of customers over the years.

OTS can make the right difference. To fix your computer problems quickly, OTS is at your service!

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The Software Giant Cracking Down On Fraudulent Windows Store Applications

Omni Tech Support scams

Omni Tech Support Scams Cracked Down

The Redmond based software giant, Microsoft Corporation have had a lot of problems with fraudulent and scam apps in Windows and Windows Phone application stores. Though Microsoft was aware of the problem, they were not doing enough to rectify it. Before, the software company was seemingly trying to catch up to the number of applications that their arch rivals Apple and Google have in their respective application stores. After the recent news reports highlighting the scams that trick users into purchasing useless applications, it seems the world’s leading software maker is finally cracking down on them.

Todd Brix, the company’s Windows Apps and Store general manager said that Microsoft will definitely enforce stricter policies in the future. He added that the company was already making the required changes. The scam applications are slowly going away. Microsoft had brought in some key changes especially to app certification requirements. They have been facing too many problems with such fake and scam applications over the years and because of which, the company has been conducting a review of the Windows Phone and Windows application Store. This review was conducted precisely to identify the applications that do not comply with the set guidelines.

There are certain strict guidelines that need to be followed by all application developers. Some of which includes policies, which state that the names of the applications need to be absolutely clear and icons should be displayed in such a way that it must be differentiated. This is to avoid being mistaken with other similar looking applications.

Scam apps

Omni Tech Support Scams Information

The most common fakes are of the popular video viewing/playing application VLC. There is an overwhelming number of fraudulent VLC apps that were listed in the store not so long back. The thing is that each fake VLC application was designed for scamming the Windows users. The story is no entirely different for many other popular applications in Windows Store.

Microsoft’s explanation regarding the matter is not quite convincing. The company says that it has been reaching out to application developers to comply with the guidelines and make necessary changes to existing applications based on that.

Better late than never, the company has now cracked down on a total of 1,500 fraudulent apps from its Windows Store. Moreover, Microsoft has also brought in the required changes to its policies. We hope this Omni Tech Support scams alert article was informative.  Omni Tech Support scams alert would like to further advice users not to download these fake applications existing in the Windows store.

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Your Best Computer Repair Services Option

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It is hard to believe that not so long ago, people used to do most business activities and services manually. Important company data and information used to be filed and organized manually in physical folders. Now, when we look back at all those methods, it looks archaic and obsolete. How did all this happen? What changed everything? You know the answer. Just one word would suffice: Computers. Computers and computing devices have changed everything in the world. It has become ubiquitous and is influencing mostly every human activity. It has become an indivisible part of human life that we can hardly imagine a life without it.

The problem with computing devices commanding a huge influence over human activities is that when a serious tech issue is encountered, it jeopardizes many necessary activities. Most businesses use many computers for various business processes. If there are issues, the downtime can severely affect productivity. If these problems are not resolved, there can be problems like loss of productivity, customer satisfaction problems, and loss of profits. A small business cannot afford long downtimes. This is where technical support becomes so important.

Technical support services have gained prominence because of the increase in the number of computing devices being used every day. Huge businesses have the capacity to hire their own technical support department coming under their IT department. However, not all businesses have the resources and money to have an IT department. These companies have to depend on technical support service companies.

Technical support team

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Not all tech support companies are reliable. If they are reliable, they may not be affordable. This is where Omni Tech Support is different. Omni Tech Support (OTS), the Los Angeles based computer repair services company, is one of the most reliable, professional, efficient, effective and above all, affordable technical support services around.

OTS provides support services in three main flavors: live chat (by a support person), talking to a technical support guy over the phone and the most important one, Remote management services.   Customer’s computers offer performance data and alerts to OTS technical support team. This information is effectively utilized in order to deliver proactive technical support.  This way, issue resolution is done rapidly by using the advanced remote access technology. The users don’t have to do anything. The issues will be resolved through their remote troubleshooting capabilities.

The main goals of OTS are to reduce repair time, increase support quality and offer issue resolution capabilities at an affordable price.  At OTS, we don’t compromise on quality.

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Pay Attention Users! Windows Store Flooded With Fraudulent Applications

OmniTech Scam

         OmniTech Scam Information

If you were under the impression that Windows Store is safe from fake and fraudulent applications, then you are wrong. You will be disappointed with the lack of supervision from the world’s largest software company. How else can you explain the overwhelming number of fake applications in Windows Store? Windows Store is the elite place in cyber space, where you get all the major applications and features for Windows 8 desktop and tablets. You will be shocked to know that it is full of fake applications. This OmniTech scam alert article would like to warn users that these fakes are there to scam users out of their hard earned money.

The software giant Microsoft Corporation is trying really hard to catch up to the number of applications that their rivals Apple and Google have in their stores. Agreed, they have to speed up things, but ignoring the deceptive applications is not the correct way to go about it.

To know the gravity of the problem faced, you can search for the popular video player application ‘VLC’ in the store. Instead of the real one, you will see hundreds of fake applications there, just to trick the users into downloading it. You would not believe that there are many VLC clones out there in the Windows Store. Users get confused because many of the fake applications even use the company’s traffic cone logo, which is actually trademarked. If you are not paying attention, you may be tricked into downloading the scam version of VLC.

scam version

               OmniTech Scam Avoid

The story is no different while searching for your other favorite applications. According to one popular tech website, there is an application that guides users to know how to use and download iTunes. You would not believe this, but the users are charged $8.99 for installing it. If this is not a scam, then what is.  For users to know, this OmniTech scam alert article would like to inform you that iTunes is absolutely free, and you need to know that there is no touch-friendly version of it for Windows 8 tablets.

What is hard to digest is the fact that the leading software maker is allowing these things to happen. In short, it seems that the software company is only interested in the numbers. Microsoft is pretty much aware that its app store’s offerings have left a lot to be desired compared to Android and iOS stores, in terms of quality and even, in numbers. It is unfortunate that a reputed company like Microsoft is allowing such things just to achieve their milestones.

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