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Removing Office 2007 and Installing Office 2003

Microsoft Tech Support

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Microsoft Office suites are the most famed office suites in Software Industry. During their sales period – and even a lot after – they dominate the market and end users. Office suite from Microsoft – Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook being some of the programs in the package – has conquered the minds of the end users, professionals and even software designers. Software Technology is not just about attraction, it’s also about admiration. It’s not just about the Utilities and Features, it’s more about the ease of use and efficiency. Microsoft Office Suite is the only office suite that is worthy of recognition by the above said qualities.

Microsoft Office versions consisting Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 are the most famous ones. The other versions like the ones for Mac and specials OSes were also very famous. The versions other versions were not inferior to the Windows Versions, but the Publicity of Windows made Windows versions find momentous success. The Microsoft Tech Support for Microsoft Office versions after 2003 are very superior and of impeccable quality. Support is provided via different means of communication and methods now by Microsoft for Office Suites.

The preferences of some users on versions among the Microsoft Office suites are interesting. Some Users prefer the old versions over the feature-rich new versions. Maybe its ease of access and use, maybe its familiarity due to usage, But the thing is its users decision. Some users have fascinated me with their reasons for using Office 2003 rather than 2007 or 2010. Most of them have stated that that older versions are pretty easy to use and has comfortable interface. What I can say is, ease of use is a factor that trumps features faintly.

Lot of users has requested for help with removal of Office 2007 and reinsertion or reinstallation of the older 2003. You can request

Removal of Office 2007

An Elegant Office Suite

for Microsoft Tech Support. Since it’s easy, I can help you with avoiding the burden of requesting Technical support. Here are some instructions:

  • Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
  • Now open Add/Remove Programs option from the opened window.
  • Now click on Remove button on the side of Microsoft Office 2007 in the list.
  • After the process is completed restart your PC and insert the Office 2003 CD.
  • Now install Office 2003 from the disc and enter the license key for registration.

You have Office 2003 on your platform and you can use it.

How to Activate Windows XP Home SP2?

Windows XP Tech Support

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Windows XP is one among the most popular Operating systems of all time. The strident Platform from Microsoft has attracted a lot of Computer users and is very widely popular. Windows XP is the first of its kind to attain such approbation all over the world. Windows XP was released in 3 versions for the public – Starter, Home and Professional. Windows XP Home – not very perceptible from Professional – is very popular among normal computer users like me and you. The reason why it gained such acceptance among the PC users was its Performance blended with appearance and features. The application support provided by this platform is unsurpassed by any other at the time of the release, maybe even now. Windows XP Tech Support, provided by the Microsoft professionals, is not analogous to any provided during its era.

Activation of Windows XP

A brilliant Platform

Windows XP Home edition can be only activated using the License key provided by Microsoft. This License key can be found on the software bundle CD Box or the Tag on the PC provided by the manufacturer. If you have purchased the software online, the license key will be provided via email. The specialty of the License Code is that it’s unique and can be used in one PC. The activation is done using Internet or Phone. The process of activation of Windows is pretty simple and fast. The complexity of the activation process is minimal. Instructions for activation of Windows XP Home edition SP2 is given below:

  1. If you have not installed Windows XP Home SP2, do it using the CD provided.
  2. Option for Entering the Serial Key appears at the time of installation. You can enter it at that moment or you can click the option Activate it later.
  3. Now select the Windows Activation option from Control Panel.
  4. You have to choose activation method. Select Internet or Phone method. For your note, Internet method is faster and simpler than Phone method.
  5. Now Enter the License key in the boxes. Now press Activate button and wait for 2 minutes. Windows XP will check the serial with Microsoft server through Internet and activate your copy of Windows XP Home SP2.

When Process is finished your Windows XP is activated. Now you have the freedom of using your PC with Genuine Windows CP Home SP2 Edition. If you face any problems with the License Key feel free to contact Windows XP Tech support.

Troubleshooting Video Problems in Windows XP

graphical or Display problems

Fast and Eye catching Platform

Windows XP, for Microsoft and the software Industry, is a milestone on software revolution and evolution. The software and Operating Systems until then were blunt in looks and less of graphical appearance and video performance. But Windows XP changed everything in just a nod. Windows XP came with very high and good graphical resolution and performance, a point none of its predecessors or competitors could achieve. With the Windows Tech Support, Windows XP became a favorite recipe. In a way, we can say that Windows XP is an Iconic star in the era of development of Operating systems and so shall it be remembered.

Windows XP, although with limited codec, has very good video performance even compared to its successors – Windows Vista and 7. Its limitation of codec was a problem and its basic player, the Windows Media Player, was not sufficient for a lot of people. They went for a lot extra codec and additional players featuring even better graphical performance and quality

Sometimes, whenever you are having graphical errors, messages are displayed regarding graphical or Display problems. Message will be most likely “Display problems. This program can’t continue.” Problems in video resolution, flickering of the monitor etc. are some of the signs showing that there is some problem with software hardware compatibility. The Instructions, which is used to find the problem and solve the issues, are given below:

  1. Click on Start. Click on Help and Support in the Start Menu.
  2. Now click on Games, Sound and Video Problems link in the Left Pane. Click on Display Troubleshooterin the Right pane following that.

    Tech Support

    Fast and Eye catching Platform

  3. There will be a lot of errors and problems mentioned there. Click on the one, which resembles the most to your problem. Now click next. If that doesn’t solve the problem, repeat the previous steps until the issue is solved.
  4. If that doesn’t work out well it might be a problem with your video driver. Open your Internet explorer and click on tools in the menu bar.
  5. Now click on Windows update in the drop list and click yes in the prompt window. It will take some time to check internet for updates. Click the video driver update in the window (if present) after the list comes. It will take some time for windows to update the driver.

If the problem is still not solved contact Windows Tech Support.