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Disabling Security alerts in Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the second Windows platform that comes with Windows Security center. The Windows Security Center, an innovation from Redmond professionals, consists of security programs such as Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. These programs combine their effort with the Windows security center to protect the Windows Vista platform. Windows Security Center Windows Security Center […]

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Common Problems Faced when Using Wireless Connectivity in Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system released by Microsoft. It belongs to the Windows platform series and therefore bears the classic Windows Desktop consisting of the Taskbar and Windows Start Button. Windows Vista is the first platform to employ high end graphics. Windows Vista employed the Aero Desktop and appearance employed by Microsoft in Windows […]

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I can’t delete Files on Desktop in my Windows Vista. How can I solve this issue?

Although a lot of new tools and features were introduced in Windows Vista, it was a flop compared to the other Windows platforms or operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows Vista is the platform in which Redmond professional introduced a lot of new features. Although many of the features were imperfect, the […]

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Guidelines for renaming Apps in Windows 8 Start Screen

In this article I will help you with renaming the applications in the start screen. Microsoft has taken operating systems field to a whole new level with the release of the new Windows 8 platform. Moving away from the traditional Windows platform style, they have shifted to a style called Metro style. There is no […]

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Software buzz: Windows 8 & Skydrive are tightly integrated in the New Release

2012 is a big year for Microsoft. Their latest platform Windows 8 got released in Late October. The changes in the platform are not just to the internal features. There are a lot of changes in the platform related to the accessory, software and features. Silverlight, Skydrive, Xbox 360 etc. are some of the new […]

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Guidelines for Repairing Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent

Symantec Software Corporation is a company that produces security software for computer systems. Their product includes Firewalls, Anti-virus programs, Anti-malware and Internet security programs. Their products have attained reputation for high-class security. Their products are rated very high by critics and professionals. Their products provide high-level security and obviously, their use of system resources is […]

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Bonanza for Microsoft Employees – Windows 8 Devices for all

It’s a fact that Microsoft shocks everyone with something, products, prices, etc. This time the Microsoft Corporation shocked their employees with something great. They have announced that they will be distributing Windows 8 devices for all their employees. Can you believe it? Every employee will be handed an original Windows 8 device. Who will not […]

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Troubled with the installation of Windows Updates in Windows Vista?

Windows updates are brought to your doors by Microsoft with the aim of boosting your computer’s performance and constancy by offering you system updates, essential fixes and Service packs. While developing Windows Vista, Microsoft decided to add on another program which will allow users to install Windows updates without the help of an Internet browser. […]

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Tips to scrub out the administrator password in Windows XP

Microsoft developed Windows XP with a new enhanced User Account Control system which will ask the user to enter a username and password to get access to the files and folders stored in a Windows XP computer. But a common issue among old and young users is that they forget or lose the password of […]

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Make modifications to Explorer Icon on Windows 7

Many users spend time to change the appearance of their desktops with wallpapers, screen savers and colorful icons. Microsoft crafted Windows 7 in such a way that the icons on the taskbar can be modified easily by the user. Icons are spread all over a Windows enabled system as they are the lead to programs […]

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