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Tutorial To Open Multiple Exchange Mailboxes In MS Outlook 2007

Outlook tech support topics

You will have multiple mailboxes when you have access to multiple accounts on the Microsoft Exchange Server. In order to open multiple mailboxes in the Outlook 2007 program, follow these instructions given below, recommended by the Outlook tech support team.

Instructions to follow

  • First of all, launch the MS Outlook 2007 program in your computer and then click on the “Tools” button located at the top of the Outlook program window. Select the “Options” button from the Tools menu.
  • Choose the “Delegates” option from the options window and then choose the “Add” option. Enter the user name account of your other account and then click on the “Add” button.
  • Click on the “Ok” button and then choose the “Editor” icon from the list displayed next to the mailbox. Choose the “Ok” option two more times.
  • Click on the “View” button and then select the “Folder List” button. Locate the name of the mailbox and then right click on it. Choose the “Properties” option from the menu.
  • Click on the “Permissions” button and then select the “Add” button from the options displayed on the screen of your computer. Type in your username and then go to the “Permission Level” box. Click on the “Owner” option located on the Permission Level box.

    Outlook tech support team

  • Click on the “Ok” button and then select the “File” menu. Select the “Exit and Log Off” option, reboot your computer and then log in using the user account that you have added.
  • Launch the MS Outlook 2007 program again on your computer and then click on the “Tools” button. Choose the “Account Settings” option from the menu and then click on the “Email” button.
  • Click on the name of your account that is being displayed on the screen and then select the “Change” button. Choose the “More Settings” button and then click on the “Advanced” option.
  • Choose the “Add” option and then type in the user name of the account using which you had logged in originally. Click on the “OK” button three times and the mailbox account will be added to the “Open these additional mailboxes” list.

Follow these set of simple and helpful guidelines from the excellent and ever reliable Outlook tech support team in order to open more than one exchange mailboxes in the MS Outlook 2007 program.


Steps To Uninstall MSN Messenger From Windows XP Operating System

Windows XP operating system

MSN Messenger, now called as the Windows Live messenger is a free instant messaging client, first released in the year 1999. Along with the mailing feature, it’s also possible to send and receive instant messages through MSN Messenger.

Offline messaging is the another important service that you may find in MSN Messenger. You can send Emails and instant messages to contacts who are offline and they will retrieve the message once they become online.

Although MSN Messenger is a free communication tool developed by Microsoft that comes preinstalled with almost all the windows operating systems, many users use other third party software applications for sending and receiving instant messages. If you do not want the MSN Messenger service, then it’s best to uninstall the application from your system to free up some space in the system Hard disk drive. The MSN Messenger Uninstallation procedure can be performed through the control panel window with a few mouse clicks. The below carved instructions of the Windows XP Support panel will aid you to do the procedure in an easy and simple manner.


Windows XP

  • First turn on your Windows XP machine.
  • Now you need to select the control panel option from the start menu. To do this, click on the the start button that appears in the lower left corner of your XP home screen.
  • Now you can see a control panel home window with several settings options in it.
  • Then click add or remove option in the control panel window. This opens up a new window with the entire list of applications that you have already installed on your Windows XP machine
  • Scroll your mouse pointer to locate the MSN Messenger option in the list. When done, give a click on it.
  • For uninstalling the MSN Messenger application, you have to click the remove option corresponds to MSN Messenger option.
  • It may take some time to complete the installation procedure. Once the process is finished, you can see a new message window saying the application is uninstalled.
  • Then you need to click the finish button to exit out the Uninstallation wizard.
  • Now restart your Windows XP machine and make sure that the application is uninstalled.

You can also use this method given by the Windows XP Support team for uninstalling other installed applications out of your Windows XP system. Thank you!

Common Problems In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Help

Outlook Express problems

In this article, we discuss about the two common error messages that you may see while working with Outlook Express. First one is server error: 421 and the second one is Error 0X800ccc90 or Error 0x800ccc18.

The first error message mentioned above mainly occur when you are on a server that is using a POP3 connection and you send any email message to another Outlook Express account utilizing the POP3 connection. The main reason for this issue is the lower number of connections on the server. It can be cleared by increasing the number of connections on the server.

The Error 0X800ccc90″ or “Error 0x800ccc18 appear when Outlook Express application blocks your account password from being authenticated. In such situation you can’t access your Outlook Express account. By making some modifications in Outlook Express configuration settings, you can clear the issues.

Outlook Express Help Instructions

How to fix Error 0X800ccc90/Error 0x800ccc18 in Outlook Express?

  • Launch the Outlook Express application on your computer.
  • Then you need to access the accounts option. For this, click tools tab that appears on the top main menu bar. Now you can view a pull down tools menu with accounts option in it. Give a click on it.
  • Now choose your Outlook Express email account and then click on the log on using option.
  • Now select servers’ option from the log on using options.
  • For irradiating the error, click the clear text option.

Now you have effectively removed the error message: Error 0X800ccc90/Error 0x800ccc18 in Outlook Express. For further questions and concerns, call up the Outlook Express Help crew.

How to fix Error 421?

  • First of all, you need to access the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator Utility for removing this error message. When done, click the run button to launch the Microsoft Server Administrator home window.
  • Now click the connections tab that appears at the left side of the window.
  • Then double-click the Internet Mail Servicetab that appears in the right pane of the window to launch the Properties
    outlook express

    troubleshooting Outlook Express

    dialogue box.

  • Now access the advanced tab under the connections option. This opens up a configuration dialog box.
  • Now change the number in the Max No. of Inbound Connections to a higher one and stop when the issue is resolved.
  • Finally click the close button to save the changes that you have just made.

These instructions will be more that enough to deal with the above mentioned errors. Good luck!




How To Check If An MSN Contact Is Online Or Not?

Windows online support

Instant messaging programs

Instant messaging programs such as MSN Messenger are immensely popular because they have made communicating with people half way across the world possible.  This was considered an impossible task until not very long ago. In several circumstances, users might be busy with their work and prefer not to be disturbed with the messages that keep popping up every time they sing in. As such, they might set their status as offline even when they are actually online. Even in this case, it is possible to check if the person is actually online or not.

How to check if a contact is actually online?

To determine if someone is actually online or not is pretty simple and can be done in a few steps. Windows online support has an enormous data base that has the answers to several questions often asked. ‘How to check if a contact is online or not?’ being a frequently asked question, here is a quick way recommended by them to determine if a person is online-

  • To start with, go to the official MSN messenger website. To log in to your account, enter your email address and password in the respective fields.
  •  To see which all contacts are presently logged in and available to receive messages, click on the image of the plus sign next to the Online category.
  • Now, open another tab on your web browser and go to sites such as Block Status or Status Detector, which will inspect the MSN
    MSN Messenger

    Steps to check if a contact is online or offline

    contact statuses.

  • To check if a contact has manually changed his/her status to offline, enter the email address of the contact and then click on Submit.
  • Send a message to the user after switching back to the MSN Messenger program. If the contact is still online but has set his status as offline, then the message will go through and get delivered and otherwise, it will not be delivered.

These are the basic steps to check if an MSN contact is online or not. Try it out to check if a contact you know is actually online or not. In case you have any other queries, just look through the Windows online support database as they will have the answers to a variety of common questions. Thank you for visiting this web page folks! Have a nice day!

Fix PST File Error In Outlook

PST File in Outlook

The data in Microsoft Outlook email service are stored in a PST file and this mail service can be used as a personal information manager. When you save any file in the Outlook, the PST is the file storage location that handles Outlook Configuration, folders, profile, settings and rules. The data stored in the PST file cannot be accessed and the Outlook is rendered helpless if the PST file gets corrupted or damaged by one or the other reason. In such a situation, users need to fix the file corruption immediately to continue using the Outlook mail service and access saved data.

You cannot start Outlook when a system file gets damaged and the problems with Outlook can be fixed by the use of inbuilt utilities in Outlook. This utility tool that is used to repair damaged file is known as .exe or Inbox Repair Tool and it works on the corrupted file, avoiding the need to switch to the backup copy. The tool is installed on the Windows hard drive at the time of installing the MS Outlook app.

The symptom of this file error is noticed when the Outlook behaves abnormally and you start to receive lots of error messages and alerts. Some of these error messages are like cannot start Outlook error, Unable to expand the folder, etc.

Here are the steps you can follow to fix the PST file error in Outlook using Scanpst.exe.

Damaged Outlook PST Files

  • Click on the Start menu and select Run from the menu options.
  • In the Run field space, type in drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\LocaleID\scanpst.exe and click OK.
  • In the box labeled Enter the name of the file you want to scan type in the file name and the path.
  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Once the scan process is successfully complete, click on Make a backup of scanning file before repairing option and click the Repair button.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the above file recovery steps can recover the damaged PST file, a Repair complete message will be displayed. The failure in the file recovery may be due to external PST file damage and you need to perform PST Recovery.
  • The PST Recovery Software is an effective tool for PST Recovery and great technical skills are required to use this program.

These steps are effective for both PST file recovery and PST Recovery. Detail help on the Outlook usage is shared on Microsoft Outlook support site.



Worried About How To Update Vista Without Defender?

Optional updates


Windows Vista is the operating system that was designed by the Microsoft corp. to replace the traditionally well liked Windows XP operating system. Unlike the Windows XP operating system, the Windows Vista operating system comes with the Windows Defender program, which is a spyware removal tool that is designed to wipe out the malicious applications from the Vista interface. Microsoft don’t insist on using the Windows Defender application, even though they are providing it without any cost as there are various other anti-spyware programs available in the tech world at the moment. However, if you have removed this software from your computer you will have to unpin it from the Windows update list as the update wizard might reinstall the software on your computer. Tag along the below detailed instructions outlined by the Windows Vista help and support center to accomplish this task.


Important Updates

Turn Off Automatic Updates

  • Hit on the “Start” tab placed on the taskbar down below the desktop to bring up the startup menu, in which you will be able to access the “All Programs” tab, which holds the “Windows Update” tab.
  • Scroll to the left hand side of the current window and pick out the “Change Settings” tab.
  • Pick the contextual list that lies inside the “Important Updates” tab to choose the “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” tab before triggering the “OK” tab, which will entitle the Windows update wizard to check for new releases of updates compatible with the application installed on your Windows Vista installed computer.
  • Bring on the Windows Update tab by clicking on the Start tab which will pop up the startup menu that holds the “All Programs” tab that contains the Windows Update tab.
  • Tick on the tab “You have # Important Updates Available” to display the list of all the available updates that is compatible with your operating system.
  • Pick out the update that is required for your Windows Vista computer, with the aid of the Windows Defender program.
  • Pick out the Windows Defender updates tab and right click on it to bring out the drop down menu in which you should trigger the “Hide” tab.
  • Now just tag along the “Optional updates” before triggering the “Install Updates” tab.

Hide Defender Updates

For further information regarding the Windows Vista update, contact the Microsoft Windows Vista help and support center.

Changing Printer Settings In Google Chrome

Chrome Browser


Google Chrome is one of the latest browsers which have extensive support for different varieties of web pages and extensions or Add-ons. Google Corporation, the internet giant, has introduced a lot of features in the browser which makes the flexible browser a lot more reliable. In the Google Chrome 13 version, Google introduced the print preview feature in the browser. When Print command is used, Google Chrome will display a preview of the pages to be printed. With the new feature available, you can change all the settings related to printing like Color Settings, Font Settings, Printer Font, Page Size etc. For more details on printer settings in Google Chrome, navigate to any Google Chrome Support website.  Here are some instructions for changing the printer settings in Google Chrome.


Printer settings in Google Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser in your system.
  2. Enter the URL of the webpage you want to navigate to in the Address bar. After the address is entered and the Go button is pressed, wait for the web page to load. Click on the Wrench icon on the menu bar and then click on the Print option in the drop list. Alternatively, Ctrl + P can be also used to input the Print Command.
  3. The Print Preview tab opens right after the Print Command. The preview of the print is displayed on the right side.
  4. Click on the Destination option in the drop down menu and select the printer you want to use.
  5. The options for selecting the pages for print are given there. Select the preferred pages for printing.
  6. The option for adjusting the ‘number of copies’ is also given there. The ‘number of copies’ is 1 by default.
  7. Option for printing on 1 side or 2 sides of the paper is also available there.
  8. The option for changing the orientation is also present. You can change the orientation to Portrait or Landscape in the layout options.
  9. You can set the type of print – color or Black and white – from the option provided. Advanced settings for changing the printer settings can also be accessed from the window.
  10. After all the preferred settings are made, click on the Print button to print the webpage.

Google Chrome support is available and can be used in case of trouble with the printing option.

Tips To Use Microsoft Office Communicator With Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft Office Communicator features


Microsoft Office Communicator, now called as the Microsoft Lync, is an instant messaging client that make use of  Microsoft Lync Server. Instant messaging, video conferencing and Voice over IP are the basic features provided by this program.

SIP is the basic client communication protocol used in Microsoft Office Communicator. Nonetheless, numerous number of client types including mobile clients are available for Microsoft Office Communicator.

It’s possible to add contacts into your MSN messenger Contact List using this Microsoft Office Communicator. By doing so, you can easily reach the contacts when you want to send a mail or information to them. The following pointers from the Microsoft Chat crew will surely help you to perform the above task in a simpler manner.


Microsoft Lync

  • Go to the windows start button that is located on the lower left corner of your desktop screen. This pop-ups a windows start menu.
  • Then you can select the all programs option from the start menu. Now you were able to view the detailed list of all applications installed on your system.
  • Locate the Microsoft Office folder from the all programs list and then select the Microsoft Communicator option from the subfolder thus appeared.
  • Now select the contact option.
  • To add a new contact in your contact list, select add a contact option. This launches the Contact wizard.
  • Then you can choose By E-Mail Address or Sign-In Name option which is normally occurring beneath the How Do You Want to Add a Contact option. When done trigger the next switch.
  • Now enter the email address of the contact that you wish to add into your contact list and then trigger the next button.
  • Now determines the contact group to which you wish to add the contact. For this, select the option labeled add contact to this group. It’s also possible to change the name of the group, so that you can easily categorize the contacts by putting it in different groups.

Know your friend’s status

Go through the contact list to know who all are online. If they are offline, then their status will be shown as Offline or Status Online. If you want to pick a contact from your contact list for chatting, you can do it by simply clicking on the particular contact name.

Even after reading these instructions, if you still find the above method a tough one, contact the Microsoft Chat center for further help. Thank you!



Troubleshooting Windows Vista Operating System

Windows Vista operating system

Microsoft released Windows Vista, as the successor for Windows XP operating system. It comes with improved features for providing a smooth computing experience for its users. The high end graphical interface and the stability make Windows Vista stand out.


Windows Vista has got several new features compared with the previously released versions.

Start menu

Windows Vista startup menu has undergone visible changes, the normal start button got a new label; Windows pearl orb.

Instead of all programs option, windows vista has got a nested folder view of entire applications installed on your system. Therefore, you can easily launch the application you are looking for.


features new to windows vista

In Windows vista operating system, Icons are more realistic and can be resized according to the users wish, which gives a unique and attractive look to your Vista desktop screen.

Windows Installer

Microsoft integrated Windows Installer program with the Windows Vista operating system. It allows the Vista users to install additional hardware and software on thier system. But the main problem is that, manual repairing is not easy if it is damaged, since it comes attached to the code of the Windows vista operating system. Therefore, repairing such Vista problems can only be possible with the assistance of the Windows Vista Recovery CD.

How to fix corrupted Windows Installer?

  • Begin the procedure by inserting your Windows Vista Recovery Disc into your CD/DVD ROM.
  • Now turn on your machine.
  • Then you have to access the repair option. For this, select the computer option from the windows start menu.
  • Now double-click the DVD drive to open it.
  • On the left side of the Windows Recovery home window, you can see an option labeled repair. Select the particular option by simply clicking on it. This will automatically restore all the system files that have been accidentally removed, or damaged after installing Windows Vista operating system on your system.
  • When done, restart your system. This will help you to bring about the changes that you have completed.

The above technique is designed for troubleshooting common Vista problems. If you have windows 7 operating system installed on your system then there is a slight difference in the instructions, to know that, go through the windows 7 troubleshooting section given in the Microsoft’s website. Thank you!




How To Set Up A Profile To Connect To An Exchange Server Via Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook Exchange server

Microsoft Outlook 2002 is an email client developed by Microsoft that comes preinstalled with the windows XP operating system. Apart from the basic emailing function, Microsoft Outlook has got the ability to work with Microsoft Exchange server for multiple users in a business to exchange data.

Although Microsoft Outlook is often used as an email application, it comes with additional features such as calendar, distribution list, Address book etc which allows the users to manage their appointments and events in an order without much difficulty. Nonetheless, it is also possible to set up a profile to connect to an Exchange Server through Microsoft Outlook. Got excited? Continue reading to know more about the same.

Crafted beneath are the pointers given by the Outlook Email Setup crew to set up a profile to connect to an Exchange server in Microsoft Outlook 2002.


tips to set up the profile to connect to an Exchange server in Outlook 2002

  • First of all, login to your Windows XP administrating account by providing the username and password in the login window.
  • Trigger the windows start button to bring up the start menu.
  • Click control panel option from the start menu. This brings up a new control panel window.
  • Select the mail option from the control panel window and then trigger the email account option.
  • Then you have to choose the option labeled add a new e-mail account followed by clicking the next button.
  • Now choose the Microsoft Exchange Server option and then click next.
  • Input your user name and Microsoft Exchange Server address when prompted.
  • When done, hit the check name button. Now the system will verify the information you provided to ensure everything is perfect and trouble free.
  • Once you finish the prior procedure, trigger the yes button to confirm the setup.
  • Now trigger the finish button to end the procedure.
  • Next, click e-mail accounts option as done above. Now select the option labeled view or change existing email accounts followed by hitting the next switch.
  • Click set as default option to highlight the newly created Microsoft Exchange server Account.
  • Trigger the finish button when prompted and after that click the Ok button.