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Tutorial To Open Multiple Exchange Mailboxes In MS Outlook 2007

You will have multiple mailboxes when you have access to multiple accounts on the Microsoft Exchange Server. In order to open multiple mailboxes in the Outlook 2007 program, follow these instructions given below, recommended by the Outlook tech support team. Instructions to follow First of all, launch the MS Outlook 2007 program in your computer […]

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Steps To Uninstall MSN Messenger From Windows XP Operating System

MSN Messenger, now called as the Windows Live messenger is a free instant messaging client, first released in the year 1999. Along with the mailing feature, it’s also possible to send and receive instant messages through MSN Messenger. Offline messaging is the another important service that you may find in MSN Messenger. You can send […]

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Common Problems In Outlook Express

In this article, we discuss about the two common error messages that you may see while working with Outlook Express. First one is server error: 421 and the second one is Error 0X800ccc90 or Error 0x800ccc18. The first error message mentioned above mainly occur when you are on a server that is using a POP3 […]

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How To Check If An MSN Contact Is Online Or Not?

Instant messaging programs such as MSN Messenger are immensely popular because they have made communicating with people half way across the world possible.  This was considered an impossible task until not very long ago. In several circumstances, users might be busy with their work and prefer not to be disturbed with the messages that keep […]

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Fix PST File Error In Outlook

The data in Microsoft Outlook email service are stored in a PST file and this mail service can be used as a personal information manager. When you save any file in the Outlook, the PST is the file storage location that handles Outlook Configuration, folders, profile, settings and rules. The data stored in the PST […]

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Worried About How To Update Vista Without Defender?

  Windows Vista is the operating system that was designed by the Microsoft corp. to replace the traditionally well liked Windows XP operating system. Unlike the Windows XP operating system, the Windows Vista operating system comes with the Windows Defender program, which is a spyware removal tool that is designed to wipe out the malicious […]

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Changing Printer Settings In Google Chrome

  Google Chrome is one of the latest browsers which have extensive support for different varieties of web pages and extensions or Add-ons. Google Corporation, the internet giant, has introduced a lot of features in the browser which makes the flexible browser a lot more reliable. In the Google Chrome 13 version, Google introduced the […]

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Tips To Use Microsoft Office Communicator With Windows Live Messenger

  Microsoft Office Communicator, now called as the Microsoft Lync, is an instant messaging client that make use of  Microsoft Lync Server. Instant messaging, video conferencing and Voice over IP are the basic features provided by this program. SIP is the basic client communication protocol used in Microsoft Office Communicator. Nonetheless, numerous number of client […]

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Troubleshooting Windows Vista Operating System

Microsoft released Windows Vista, as the successor for Windows XP operating system. It comes with improved features for providing a smooth computing experience for its users. The high end graphical interface and the stability make Windows Vista stand out. Features Windows Vista has got several new features compared with the previously released versions. Start menu […]

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How To Set Up A Profile To Connect To An Exchange Server Via Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook 2002 is an email client developed by Microsoft that comes preinstalled with the windows XP operating system. Apart from the basic emailing function, Microsoft Outlook has got the ability to work with Microsoft Exchange server for multiple users in a business to exchange data. Although Microsoft Outlook is often used as an email […]

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