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Support To Erase An Autocomplete Address In MS Outlook

Outlook Address Book

MS Outlook features

Microsoft Outlook is the most used personal information manager application, especially in the business sector. But many users still utilize this application for sending and receiving email messages. Besides this basic feature, MS outlook allows other useful features, such as Calendar, Outlook Address Book, and Distribution list etc. Using these features, business individuals can conduct meetings and appointments without much effort. No doubt, the program is another remarkable product from the Microsoft workshop. Also, Microsoft provides Outlook support to its users for free.

While sending an email message through MS outlook, when you start typing the email address in the To field, the application fills the addresses in depending on your email sent history. Sometimes the program displays a different address than the required one, and then you can erase this email address from the Autocomplete address cache; alternatively, you can just delete the entire Autocomplete database for addresses. The procedure is quite simple and even a beginner can perform it without making any errors.

How to delete an Autocomplete Address?

  • Input the email address that you wish to erase into the To field.  Stop entering the address when you see the Autocomplete address.
  • Now hit the down arrow key on your keyboard to pick out the email address.
  • After this, hit the Deletekey on your keyboard. This automatically deletes the particular email address from the Autocomplete list.

    personal information manager

    Address Book feature in MS Outlook

How to erase the entire list of Autocomplete Addresses in MS Outlook?

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook program on the system. For this, double-click on the Outlook shortcut icon located on the desktop screen of the system.
  • Now go to the Programs top menu bar, and click on the File tab. This pulls down a File menu with an Options tab in it.
  • Now click the Options tab to launch the Options window.
  • From the newly displayed Options window, click on the Mail tab.
  • Now choose Send Message option, followed by clicking Empty Auto-Complete List option. Now the entire Autocomplete addresses within MS Outlook will be automatically removed.
  • Finally, click Finish to save the settings that you have made in the Outlook Configuration settings.

No doubt, these instructions will surely aid you to delete the Autocomplete addresses in MS Outlook application. For more details on handling the Outlook Address Book, visit the Microsoft Outlook Website.

Steps To Create A Microsoft Access Help File

Microsoft Help

Microsoft Support

Microsoft Access, also called as Microsoft Office Access, is a popular data management system developed by the well known Microsoft. The application comes preinstalled with the professional edition of Microsoft’s Office suite, which provides a wonderful platform to create databases and simple applications. In this post, I’d like to mention how to create an online help file for Microsoft Access.

Creating an Access Help file is a simple process, and the below pointers recommended by the Microsoft Help crew, will assist you to accomplish this in three steps

1.       Download the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

Firstly, you need to launch the internet web browser on your computer. Then navigate to the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop website, where you can see a download link for the help file generator.

Now download HTMLhelp.exe file by clicking the Download link. When finished, double-click on the file to open the installation window. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process without any problems. Once the installation process is finished, click Finish to exit the installation Window.

2.       Generate Help File

data management system

Microsoft Technical Support

First of all, create the Help file using a text editor or word processor. After creating the file, save the file in the RTF format, short for Rich Text Format.

Now launch the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop by simply double-clicking on it. Once the program is loaded, add the file you just created to the help system. If the entire setup is ready, you have to compile the help system for generating the .chm file.

3.       Compile the Help file with the program

You have to choose the Design View for report or form. After this, open the file that you have created.

Now input the compiled help file name into the Help file field, seen at the lower part of the window. Then you can see the HelpContextID field. Here, you have to provide the numbering for the topics. Normally, the topic you created first is numbered as 1 and the next topic as 2 and so on. These numbers act as a map for the particular application, and when a user presses the F1 key, he is redirected to the appropriate help topic existing within the Help system. Repeat the procedure for all the topics in the program.

Hope these Microsoft Help instructions will aid you in creating and adding a Microsoft Access help file to the application. This will make maneuvering the databases a relatively easy task.



How To Setup An Employee Email Account In MS Outlook 2007

Outlook Settings

enjoy outlook services

Whether for personal or business use, Outlook 2007 can provide you with a variety of tools and features to cope up with your business needs. It allows you to manage and organize email messages, schedules, notes, tasks, contacts and other information. Due to these numerous benefits, Outlook was quickly able to establish itself as many companies standard email servers for their own. No matter what account type you wish to create, the steps are all the same. And the process of creating an employee email on Outlook 2007 is almost same as of creating a personal email account. The team responsible for the management of internet and email services in a business enterprise should also be equipped with the important information for configuring Outlook Settings. This article lists out the instructions to setup an employee email account on MS Outlook 2007!


  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application.
  • Click Tools option from the top menu bar and select Accounts Settings. In the new window, navigate to the E-mail tab and select New.
  • Click the option titled Manually configure server settings or additional server types and hit Next to continue.
  • Further select Internet E-mail and hit Next. Locate the section named User Information and enter your name and email address into the appropriate fields.
  • If you have selected IMAP or POP3 as your Account Type, then navigate to the Server Informationsection and type in your incoming and outgoing mail server name and address. Whereas, if you have chosen HTTP as your account type, then select your email provider from the drop-down list.

    Secure Password Authentication

    outlook services and settings

  • Type your user name and password into the corresponding fields inside the Logon Information section.   You can save your password by selecting the Remember Password option if you want your account to be automatically opened every time you launch MS Outlook 2007.
  • If your email service provider uses SPA, then check the option titled Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).
  • Finally you can test your new Outlook settings by clicking the Test Account Settings which cross checks the information you have entered as well as verifies the employee email account. Hit Next after the testing process and then Finish, to complete email setup process.

This is some information on creating an employee email account on MS Outlook 2007. Keep watching this space for more related articles! Thank you!

Tutorial To Remove The Security Alerts In Windows Operating Systems

Windows Tech Support

Windows operating system

The latest versions of Windows operating systems include a security feature called the Windows Security Center. This application informs you, with a notification, when anything goes wrong with the security on your system. If you don’t have any antivirus software or firewall protection on your system, then these security alerts pop up regularly. If you’re tired of that, you can always disable the Security Center alerts.

These pointers given below are provided by the reliable Windows Tech support team, and will help you to disable the default Security Center notifications in a Windows OS.

In Windows 7 OS

  • Go to the Windows Start button and click it; from the start menu, select the Control Panel option to open the Control Panel home window.
  • Now you can view an Action Center option in the Control Panel home window. Click on it and then choose the Review Your Computer’s Status option.
  • Now click on the Change Action Center Settings tab to open the Security Center Settings window.
  • Now you will be able to view a new window with several checkboxes. Uncheck all the boxes and then click on the Ok button. All the default Windows Security alerts will now be disabled, and you can enable this feature back whenever you need it.

In Windows Vista & XP

  • Firstly, you need to access the Control Panel option. For this, click the Start button and then choose the Control Panel option from the start menu; after that, click on the Control Panel tab.
  • Now the Control Panel home window gets displayed, with several options in it. Then you have to double-click the Security Center options, to open the security settings window.

    , Windows Security Center

    Windows vista OS

  • From the security settings window, select the Change The Way Security Center Alerts Me option.
  • Now remove the check marks in the following fields: Firewall, Virus protection, and Automatic updates. When done, you need to trigger the OK button, if you have Windows XP installed on your system. For Windows Vista, instead of the OK tab, you’ll have to trigger the option with the title Don’t Notify Me And Don’t Display The Icon. As soon as you click this link, the security settings window automatically gets closed.

These are the instructions, recommended by the reliable Windows Tech Support crew, which you should follow to disable the default Security Center notifications set up in your Windows PC.


Hot To Get Started With Microsoft Excel 2007?

Microsoft Help

Microsoft Excel features

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used spreadsheet applications all over the world, which comes associated with the Microsoft Office suite as a component application. Using various tools and features in Microsoft Excel, you can create unique and professional looking databases and spreadsheets. This document discusses some features of Microsoft Excel, which will help beginners to get started.


How to input data

Before entering data into an Excel spreadsheet, determine the purpose of the spreadsheet. For example, if you like to make a chart or graph using your data, then you need to enter the data into one or two columns. In order to input a data in an Excel Spreadsheet, click on the particular field where you’d like to enter the data, and after entering it, press Enter or click on another field.

How to perform calculations

Microsoft Excel includes several math operations that allow users to perform mathematical calculations quickly and with a 100% accuracy. Consider one example: for adding the contents in cells A1 and A2, and to display the result in the  field A3, you have to input =A1+A2 into Filed A3. Besides this, Microsoft Excel will assist you to find out the cell numbers of contents that you wish to add, multiply, subtract or divide. So you can perform the above action, by simply clicking on the cell number instead of writing A1 or A2.

How to delete Excel rows and columns

Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft technical support

Removing or deleting an Excel row or column is an easy process, which can be accomplished by following the below pointers, recommended by the reliable Microsoft Help team.

  • First of all, locate the cell that you wish to delete, and then right click on it.
  • Now from the contextual menu thus shown, select the Delete option.
  • Now from the newly displayed window, select the appropriate option, depending on your need.
  • For deleting an entire row, you have to select the Delete Entire Row option from the displayed list, followed by clicking the OK button.

Similarly you can remove multiple rows or columns also. For this, select multiple columns and rows by clicking the Column Identifier tab while simultaneously holding down on the ALT key.

After reading this article you can easily customize your spreadsheets and databases created using Microsoft Excel 2007. To know more about Excel features and functions, contact the Microsoft Help Centre.

Tutorial To Troubleshoot Scrolling Problems In A Microsoft Mouse

Microsoft problems

Microsoft problems resolved

Microsoft mouse problems can be easily resolved by following some simple troubleshooting methods. Most of these problems will make your work tedious, so it always better to resolve at them at the earliest opportunity. Follow the instructions given below in order to troubleshoot some common problems found with the Microsoft wireless mouse. Such Microsoft problems are required to be dealt with swiftly, so that they will not affect your work.


Guidelines to resolve problems in Microsoft Mouse

  • First of all, check the batteries of the Microsoft mouse, and see whether the batteries have run low. If the batteries have expired, then simply changing them might fix the issue.
  • If the blinking of light receiver is too feeble or unsteady, then it might require re-synchronizing. In order to reset and re-synchronize the mouse, just press the button located on the receiver of the mouse. Sometimes, you might be required to press the connect channel button located on the underside of the mouse, in order to resynchronize. Determine whether the mouse synchronizes after pressing the button.
  • Interference from other electronic devices can result in the faulty functioning of the mouse. Gadgets such as iPods, phones or any other electronic devices which work with wireless technology, might interfere with the signals from the mouse, causing it to work faultily. Try moving such devices from the immediate vicinity of the mouse, and see whether the problems are resolved.

    Microsoft tech support

    Microsoft problems with the mouse

  • The driver software of the Microsoft mouse might require some updating, lack of which might be causing the problem. In many cases, it is the outdated software that is behind the malfunctioning of a Microsoft mouse. A simple software update should relieve you of your troubles.
  • Make sure that the firewall that you have installed on your computer is not behind the problems that you are facing with the Microsoft mouse. The firewall settings might have been configured in such a way as to block the wireless mouse. Therefore, to make sure that the firewall settings allow the functioning of the Microsoft mouse, check the firewall settings, and make sure that it allows the Microsoft mouse to work properly.

Problems with the Microsoft mouse can be easily resolved by following these steps given above. These guidelines are recommended by the Microsoft tech support team, and if you have any other Microsoft problems that you need troubleshooting help with, make sure that you contact the support team.

Tweaking The Display Settings In Windows Vista

Vista Problems

Windows Vista features

Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system, Windows Vista, comes with a number of new and enhanced features, such as improved graphical interface, new and updated software applications, etc – features which were absent in previous versions of Windows OSs.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution generally means how clearly images and text are displayed on a system screen. If the resolution is high, then the images and words are much more clearly visible, and usually appear smaller in size. If you have Windows Vista OS installed on your computer, then it’s possible to adjust these screen resolution settings. This will be helpful if you connect your system with a projector, because you need to adjust the screen resolution to accommodate wide and large screen views, and to avoid common Vista Problems such as screen blurredness, etc.

How to change the screen resolution in Windows Vista?

  • Start off the procedure by clicking the Windows Start button located in the lower left corner of the windows home screen, to bring on the Start menu.
  • Now from the Start menu, choose the Control Panel option to open the Control Panel wizard, with several configuration settings options in it.
  • Now from the Control Panel home window, choose the Appearance and Personalization option located at the right side.
  • Now click on the Personalization option and then choose the Adjust screen resolution option from the pull-down menu list.
  • In order to change the screen resolution, you have to click on the drop down list adjacent to the Resolution option. This displays a resolution slider.
  • Now adjust the resolution by pressing and dragging on the resolution slider. Once you make a modification, you’ll be able to view how the screen display looks. After making the needful changes, click on the Applytab located in the lower right corner of the window.

    Windows operating system

    Windows Vista OS

  • For assigning these settings as the default display settings for your screen, select the Keep option.

You can follow these simple instructions for changing screen resolution on a computer running the Windows Vista OS. If you want to restore the previous settings for your display, then click on the Revert option. The system automatically restores the previous display settings.

Sometimes you may encounter issues such as blurredness in the display while trying to change the resolution settings in Windows Vista. To deal these kinds of Vista problems, go through the FAQs provided on the Windows Vista website.
















How To Create A New User Account In Windows Mail

Windows Help

Windows Vista features

Microsoft has included a free email and news client called Windows Mail in their Windows Vista operating system. The graphical user interface used here has got many similarities to that of Outlook Express and the program is not compatible with the versions of Windows operating systems prior to Windows Vista. Using this application, users can easily send and receive email messages from their computer. Besides this, it’s also possible to import the entire email address into one location. By doing so, you can access your email messages more easily and conveniently than ever before. Nonetheless, additional features like junk-mail filtering also has been added.

For creating an email in Windows Mail, you need to access the setup wizard. The below mentioned pointers, recommended by the Windows Help team will aid you to create an email in Windows mail.

Guidelines to setup Email in Windows Mail

  • Navigate to Windows Start button and from the Start menu that pops up, click on the All programs option. This displays the list of all programs that you have installed on your computer.
  • Now locate the Windows Mail folder in the displayed programs list and click on it to open the Windows Mail program.
  • Then click on the Tools tab on the top programming menu and then select the Accounts option from the drop-down menu list. When done, click Add.

    Windows Vista operating system

    Windows operating system

  • Now click on the E-mail Account option followed by clicking the Next button.
  • Now input the required information, including your username, email address, and password in the appropriate fields. You have to enter the password twice in order to confirm it. If the entire setup is ready, click on the Next tab.
  • Here you have to input your email server details. For this, click on the Server type option and input the incoming and outgoing email sever in the corresponding fields. These email sever details are normally provided by the email service provider. To avail this information, visit the email provider’s website.
  • Finally, click on the Finish tab. Now the application automatically adds your email account to Windows Mail.

By following these instructions provided by the reliable Windows Help team, you can easily create email accounts in Windows mail without seeking any professional help. For more information about Windows mail, contact Windows support center.

Upgrading To The Windows Vista OS

Microsoft help

Microsoft help topics

The most common response you get when you ask someone, who is relatively knowledgeable in the area of software, about using the Windows Vista OS, will be, “Stay away from it”. What makes this operating system, which came as an upgrade to the then existing Windows XP operating system, such a disliked operating system? I mean, Windows XP went on to become a world beater, what possibly went wrong with its successor? In the end, it turned out that every little detail in the Vista operating system had something with the potential to annoy long term fans of the Windows XP operating system.

Now that it has been firmly established that the Windows Vista operating system is not a crowd pleaser, at least not as much as its immediately younger and older siblings, the Windows 7 and the Windows XP respectively, let us move on to the subject of actually installing it. Well, if you are so inclined to install an operating system that is neither here nor there in terms of the quality of features on the offer, and if you’re ready to weather the shortcomings it possesses, then here are some instructions from the Microsoft help teams. These instructions are meant for those who want to perform a clean installation of the operating system, and not just an upgrade from an older Windows operating system. Such an installation will ensure that you have a clean copy of the operating system on your computer, without the slightest trace of your old operating system.

Installing Windows Vista

  • With the help of the Windows Vista DVD, delete all the files related to the previous Windows installation, and then
    Windows XP operating system

    Microsoft help and support

    install the Windows Vista operating system in your computer without a product key.

  • Once the installation process of the Windows Vista operating system is over in your computer, upgrade the version of the operating system using the Windows Vista DVD, and the upgrade product key.
  • You will now notice that you have had a clean installation of the Windows Vista operating system in your computer.

These are the instructions that you should need to follow if you want to perform a clean installation of the Windows Vista operating system in your computer. Following these steps from the Microsoft help teams will ensure that you have performed a clean installation without any trace of the old junk files in your computer.


Help To Locate The Proxy Server Port Number In Windows XP OS

Windows Support Number

Windows Help

By setting up a proxy server, you can keep your internal network data and information safe even when you browse the internet.  The IP address and the port number of the proxy server are the only pieces of information you need while setting up a proxy server in the Windows OS. The proxy sever setup procedure is comparatively easy, and if you encounter any issues while setting up a proxy server, dial the Windows Support number given on Microsoft’s Website, for availing further assistance from the technical support team.

The following instructions will be helpful to beginners in locating the Proxy Server port number in the Windows operating system.

In Internet Explorer

  • Firstly, launch the Internet Explorer web browser on your system.
  • Now you need to click the Tools option located in the top right corner of your Explorer window. This pulls down a tools menu with several settings options.
  • Click on the Internet Options tab to open the network settings window.
  • Now choose the Connections tab and then click on the LAN settings tab.
  • Now from the newly revealed window, choose the Proxy Server option and then click on the Advancedtab. This opens up a new window with your Proxy server information, including your IP address, Proxy server port number etc. Note down the port number on a piece of paper and place it aside. When finished, close the window by clicking the cross sign located in the top right corner of your screen.

    proxy sever setup

    Windows operating system

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch the Firefox Web browser and select the Options tab from the pull-down Tools menu, which is displayed when you hit the Tools tab.
  • Now from the Options window, choose the Advanced option, followed by hitting the Network tab, to open the Network Settings window.
  • Then you have to choose the Settings option. Now you’ll be able to view a new settings window with the entire proxy server details in it. Note down the entities you need, and place it in a safe position; then click Close to exit the settings window.

These are some instructions to locate the proxy server number in the Windows operating system. For further clarification, contact Microsoft, by dialing the Windows Support number provided on their website. They’ll be on standby around the clock to help you with problems like these.