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Instructions On How To Use Vista Laptop To Work As A Router For Xbox

Microsoft Corporation, the world’s leading software maker, is involved in the development, manufacture, and production and licensing of various software products, gaming consoles, and many other online services. Xbox Live is one such online gaming service, which allows all the owners of the popular Xbox gaming console to play with other users, listen to music, […]

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How To Adjust Windows Vista’s Display Settings?

Windows Vista was launched by Microsoft as a successor to Windows XP, by including several interesting features. However, the operating system failed to match the popularity achieved by its predecessor. According to the technicians available at the Windows Vista help and support team, most Vista users complain about the poor performance of the display options […]

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Connecting Your Xbox 360 And Windows Vista System Through The Home Network

If you have an Xbox 360 console and a Windows PC, then these two can be very easily connected through the home network. This would make it possible for you to access the media files in your computer from the TV using the Xbox 360 controller. This would make it easier for you to access […]

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How To Troubleshoot The Windows Vista Service Pack

The Windows Vista operating system is a well renowned operating system. Almost six years after the Windows XP operating system dominated the operating system world, the Windows Vista came into existence. Microsoft has released service packs for the Windows Vista operating system. The first one to be released was the service pack 1 or better […]

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Turning Off Hibernation In Windows XP

Hibernation is a very good feature of the Windows operating system that helps you to resume your work after logging off from the system. Turning on this feature will make the computer remember the things that it was doing before the shut down. This feature is very good but it takes a lot of memory […]

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How To Use Remote Assistance In Windows Vista

When you have problems with your computer, and have exhausted all means of getting it fixed directly, the only thing left for you to do is to seek Remote Assistance. This involves sharing the access to your PC and effectively allowing another person at another place, to look into your computer to check for problems. […]

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Guidelines To Alter The Icons In Windows Vista

Windows Vista is one of the most amazing operating system platforms released by the Microsoft. There are lots of advanced options and features in this operating system. This operating system includes the functions to customize your themes and settings. You can also tune your desktop icons and other icons as well. However, during some situations, […]

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Tutorial For Troubleshooting Some Windows Vista Problems

  Windows Vista is a quite well known operating system, but apparently it is also widely known for all the wrong reasons. It is considered as a problematic operating system, and a breeding ground for all the Windows problems. Here are some guidelines from Windows online support team that you can follow. Instructions to resolve […]

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Fix The Command Error 126 Caused By The Windows Vista Firewall

Vista was the successor to the XP version of the Windows operating systems, but failed to establish itself as one of the premium operating systems in the world. In other words, Vista failed to emulate the success of the Windows XP. Windows Vista consists of a firewall feature that is built in to the operating […]

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Turn Off Automatic Restart Function To Troubleshoot Blue Screen Error In Windows Vista

You get a blue screen on your computer, when you face problems with your Windows operating system. The blue screen indicates that the computer has encountered an unexpected error, which needs your urgent attention. A blue screen error usually appears when the issue is so serious that Windows must stop completely. Often the blue screen […]

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