Checking And Repairing Corrupted Files In Vista

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Occasionally, Vista operating system may develop some malfunctioning due to corruption or missing of certain system files. At this point, the System File Checker utility can be of great help in checking and repairing such errors. The following description provides very good computer support for Vista systems while you attempt to use the File checker application.

How to use System File Checker in Vista

  • First, you need to boot the computer in the Safe Mode, especially when you are unable to access the normal Windows Vista desktop due to a lost or missing system file. Shut down your system, wait for a few seconds and turn on the computer again. Then immediately you need to press the F8 key before the Windows splash screen loads in order to access the Advanced Startup Menu. Using the arrow keys, you will be able to select the Safe Mode and then press the Enter button. Now the driver-sparse version of Windows will load and it is quite beneficial for troubleshooting.
  • Select the Start button, then All Programs and Accessories. Then you must right click on the Command prompt icon and choose the Run as Administrator option. When the operating system prompts you to confirm that you are the computer administrator, you need to click on the Allow button. Command prompt opens now; In fact a DOS like interface in which you can enter commands to run utilities for fixing and repairing the computer.
  • When prompted, enter sfc/scannow. This command will initiate Windows System File Checker, which will scan the Windows installation directory for any corrupt, missing or non-authenticated versions of the Vista operating system files. The System File Checker keeps a record of the system files and by default, this program replaces those files, which do not match with the File Checker’s record. This facility is helpful in eliminating certain viruses, which replace the original system files with
    computer support, Microsoft help

    Microsoft help for repairing Vista computer

    malicious lookalikes.

  • When the system file checker completes the diagnostic operation type Exit in the command prompt and press the Enter button to return to the Safe Mode. Then you should shut down the computer normally. Restart the system and allow Vista to load normally.

Getting efficient computer support for your Windows systems is not a big job as there are plenty of Microsoft help pages available online. You can also directly contact a professional at the support center for receiving very good technical assistance regarding any issues on the computer.