Erase Workgroup From Your System

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Computer support for Workgroup

The Workgroup is a group of systems that connect to a single network connection which performs identical functions. Another feature of the computers used in a workgroup is, they make use of the same resources. Workgroup option is the one and only solution for all sharing tasks. Workgroup is a very important aspect of network computing. Without this option you cannot share files or other hardware components among a group of computers. Workgroup can be incorporated for a wide variety of purposes especially in business organizations, internet café, educational institutions etc. The Workgroup option in your system can be accessed from the “System Properties” option located in the Control Panel. You can even erase the Workgroup option from your system. This article will let you know more about the same.

Computer support instructions to erase Workgroup

  • Load your system and then select the Start button displayed at the bottom left side of the screen.
  • Locate My Computer option from the list of applications that appear on the  screen.
  • Select this option by right-clicking on it and then click on “Properties”. This will load the “System Properties” window on your screen. This window contains the basic configuration details of your system. The  basic information includes the System Restore option, Automatic updates, Remote option, General information about the system, Computer name, Hardware details and other advanced options.
  • Select the “Computer Name” option. This will display the name of the workgroup created in your system. The Workgroup name is displayed adjacent to the “Workgroup”.
  • Now you may select the “Change” option. This will enable you to modify the workgroup settings for your system. You can now create a new Workgroup or erase an existing one.

    Computer support, network computing

    Computer support options to delete Workgroup

  • In order to erase the name of a particular workgroup, select the particular name and then hit on the “Delete” button. Now you may click on the OK tab.
  • Select the “Apply” tab in order to update the modifications you have performed in the workgroup settings.
  • Reboot your system in order to save the modifications.
  • When the system gets restarted click on the Start button followed by the My Computer option.  Click on “My Network Places”. Access the “View Workgroup Computers” to check whether you have deleted the workgroup name without making any error.

Perform the same procedures to delete any number of workgroups in your system. Read through the Computer support topics in order to gain more information about workgroups and networking.