Get Rid Of Homegroup From Windows Explorer In Windows 7

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     Fixing Homegroup settings

The app Homegroup on Windows 7 will let the user share files with other devices running on Windows 7 platform with ease. Keeping this feature activated will consume system resources in excess, and will make the system slow. So, try to keep the feature disabled when you don’t find use for it. Try the below mentioned steps to enhance your system performance.

Instructions to tackle Microsoft problems in Windows 7 related to Homegroup

  • To begin with, select the Start button from the bottom left end of the task bar on your desktop. Right-click on Computer and select the option Explore to launch the Windows Explorer.
  • From the Windows Explorer window, select the option Homegroup. You will find the Homegroup icon located on to the left hand side of the navigation pane. Select the Homegroup icon and launch Change Homegroup Settings from the drop down menu that appears post right click.
  • Click on the link saying Leave the Homegroup if you already have Homegroup network set up in your system. Leave your current Homegroup network by clicking on the Leave the Homegroup link.
  • Make sure that you have created one before you disable your Homegroup network. So how can you set up your Homegroup network? Set up your Homegroup network by clicking on the Create a Homegroup link button in the page. Make sure that you follow the onscreen instructions to the last word, to set up a working Homegroup network. Go back to the Windows explorer page once you are done with setting up your Homegroup network. Follow the instructions as on step 3.

    Homegroup Listener

              Change Homegroup Settings

  • Re-launch the Start menu after closing the Windows explorer window. Enter the keywords services.msc in the search space and hit Enter. Wait for the Services window to open up.
  • Try locating the Homegroup Listener and Homegroup Provider from the services list. Custom set the properties of Homegroup Listener and Homegroup Provider from the Properties window.
  • Custom set the Startup type by changing the option from Manual to Disabled. Once you have set this, hit the Stop button in the services status and click Apply to bring effect the changes.
  • Reopen the Windows Explorer window after you have closed the Services tab. You will no longer see the Homegroup icon on the navigation pane once you are done with resetting.

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