How To Disable Search History In Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is just one of the many Web Browsers available over the internet, but still one of the best existing within the Browser market. This Web-browsing application itself is a product designed by Google and provided to users for free. The Google team incorporated several useful features and functions in the Chrome browser, which gives the user a wonderful browsing experience. Besides this, features like free language translation and improved crash stability is very useful for viewing web pages with unknown language.

Incognito Mode

This is a special Google Chrome feature, which allows users to open a new browsing window with the search history feature disabled. Along with this, it also removes all cookies when you close the window. Accessing this privacy feature is a simple process and the below pointers, recommended by Google Chrome Support crew will help you to accomplish this with great ease.

How to disable search history on a Mac system

  • Launch the Google Chrome web browser and open a new browsing window.
  • Now click on the File tab on the top left corner of your Chrome browsing window. This pulls down a new menu with several options.
  • Now from the pull-down file menu, choose the option labeled New Incognito Window. This opens up a new browsing window and you will be able to see a pop-up message saying that the search history is turned off.

How to Disable the Search History on a system running on Windows operating system

The procedure to do this is the same as done above.

  • First, you need to launch the Google Chrome Web browser and open a new browsing window as done above.
  • Then you have to hit the Wrench icon that appears on the upper right corner of your screen. This pulls down a new menu with several settings options in it.
  • Now from the newly displayed menu list, click on the option titled New Incognito Window. Now you will be able to view a new window with the Search History feature disabled.

    Google Chrome Support, language translation

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Alternative method

I think this method is quite simple compared to the above one. You can open a new Incognito Window by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N keys simuntaneously on your keyboard. The cookies and other data related to the pages that you visit will not be saved.

These are the instructions provided by the Google Chrome Support crew for disabling search History feature in the Chrome Web browser. Enjoy your privacy!