How To Update Your Mouse Device Driver

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Updating your computer driver

Microsoft Windows manages all its peripheral devices using device drivers which are files required to support the proper functioning of such devices. These device driver files come packed with the software installation CD of the device. These device drivers can be updated to a new version or rolled back to a previous version if some thing goes wrong. The driver files are updated through the Windows Update feature. If you have turned on Windows Update, your computer will automatically search for the latest updates and install them to your computer. If Windows finds that some of your device driver files are outdated, then it will download and install latest versions of driver files. Sometimes you may need to manually update the device driver when your connected device shows strange behaviors or starts malfunctioning. Follow these computer support guidelines to update the device driver for your mouse connected to your computer.


  • Launch your web browser. Go to Windows Support or the manufacturer website and locate the driver file for your mouse. You will have the option to select the model of your mouse and the operating system. Once you select the appropriate model, it will come up with the right driver file for your mouse.
  • Now download that driver file to your computer. If prompted, select the location to save the file.
  • Sometimes the downloaded driver file will be in compressed format. Therefore, you need to unzip the file. Use any ZIP utility like PZUnzip or WinRar to extract the files. If it is an executable file, double-click to extract the files.

    Device Manager

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  • Go to the Start menu and type “Device Manager” into the Search box. From the search result, select “Device Manager” to open the window.
  • This window will bring up a list of devices connected to your computer. Click on “Mouse” and locate the mouse that you want to update the driver. Now right-click and select the option “Update Driver Software“. Click on “Browse My Computer for Driver Software” and select the extracted driver file by browsing to the location.
  • After you have selected the file, click “OK” to update the file.
  • Restart your computer to take effect the changes.

Trouble with these simple instructions is rare. But if you do hit a snag, you may either visit the tech support site online or contact your computer support team to attend to the issue.