How To Upgrade Magic Jack For Windows 7

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Get Magic Jack upgraded in the latest version of Windows and enjoy cheap telephone service at just 20 dollars per year! The Magic Jack option is guaranteed to help the user save a lot in their telephone expenditure. The service, like other telephone services is also loaded with features like call waiting, caller ID and other services. To use the Magic Jack service you will have to plug in the Magic Jack service dongle/card into the USB port. Make sure to keep your system updated with latest Operating system patch so as to ensure the smooth running of your PC.Most desktops are now running the most stable version, that of Windows 7. Follow the steps below to update the Magic card service pack versions so as to make it work well on with this operating system.

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  • Switch on your computer. Plug in the Magic Jack dongle in the USB port. To avoid problems during installations make sure that the dongle is connected with the USB port before installation. Open your web browser and type Magic Jack web site address in the search space. Drop into the website link to download the Windows 7 upgrade software. Check out the frequently asked questions section or search Google to locate the software upgrade link. Once you have located it, click download to initiate the download process. Make sure you click download the upgrade option after having the Magic Jack device connected to the USB port correctly.
  • To update, Install the Magic Jack windows seven upgrade software. Wait for the software to be completely installed. The installation process would be completed in a few seconds time. Make sure that the Magic Jack software is completely installed before you unplug the dongle.

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    Windows 7 Magic Jack card Help

  • Unplug the Magic Jack dongle from the USB port. Remove the dongle from the USB port and wait for at least 10 to 15 seconds before you plug it back in. Take it as a Magic Jack reboot.
  • Plug in the dongle again and start making calls.
  • Test the upgraded Magic Jack card service by making a couple of phone calls.

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