I can’t delete Files on Desktop in my Windows Vista. How can I solve this issue?

Vista Problems

Deleting Files

Although a lot of new tools and features were introduced in Windows Vista, it was a flop compared to the other Windows platforms or operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows Vista is the platform in which Redmond professional introduced a lot of new features. Although many of the features were imperfect, the platform was a good platform if you disregard the performance and stability of the operating system.

Windows Vista has a control feature called the UAC (user account Control) which restricts the modifications made by a user on files or folders. This option depends upon the privileges of the user account. An administrator account has no restrictions where as a normal user account will be having restrictions depending upon the file or folder and its location. A user can typically edit, delete, rename or relocate a file and some of these changes could cause possible system instability. What Windows do is that it prevents the user from modifying or deleting some files. If Windows Vista doesn’t allow you to delete a file from the desktop it may be due to a lot of reasons.  The file may already be in use or may be marked as read-only or the user account doesn’t have sufficient privilege or permission to modify the file. This is considered as one among the most irritating Vista Problems.



sufficient privilege

Deleting Files

  • Power on your PC and wait for the Windows Vista Operating system to boot.
  • After the desktop is loaded completely, confirm that the file on the desktop, which you want to delete, is not in use. Exit all open applications which may use the file. Expand the system tray located on the right side of the taskbar to view all of the icons on the taskbar. Right-click each icon and click on Exit option in the drop down menu or close to exit from the application. If you still have problems accessing the file after closing all open software, restart your computer to close all the processes.
  • Right-click on the file located in the desktop. Choose Properties from the drop down menu. Click the General tab. Uncheck the box aligned to the text Read-only and click on Apply and OK.

Now try to remove, edit or modify the file. If there are any other Vista Problems related to the security or permissions of the files and folder, navigate to any Vista forum.