Microsoft Paint Issues And Troubleshooting Steps

Microsoft problems

Problems related to Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a light, user-friendly, graphics editing program which is included with all versions of Windows operating systems. MS Paint has introduced many a user to painting on a computer, with its simplicity and user-friendly features. Since it is a very light graphics editing tool, it supports only a few file types like Bitmap (.bmp), JPEG and GIF (without animation).

As newer Windows versions are rolled out, MS Paint has evolved gradually into a cool but light image editing program, with some nice additions like realistic digital brushes and other tool sets. You can use MS Paint to create and edit image files, as well as view images and scanned documents. Like with any other program on your computer, you might sometimes run into trouble while using MS Paint. Fortunately, Windows comes equipped with very useful troubleshooting steps for fixing many such Microsoft problems and errors. Read on to know some of those useful troubleshooting steps, to fix errors related to MS Paint.

Tips to troubleshoot MS Paint

Troubleshooting steps

Fixing problems of Microsoft Paint

  • If you are working with a large image file in MS Paint, there are chances that it could lock up and freeze the computer. The reason behind this is often associated with memory issues in Paint. So to avoid such a situation, you need to reduce the canvas size of the image.
  • Sometimes, when you try to open image files that are not supported by MS Paint, it could bring on undesirable results. The program might not be able to open such a file, and this may cause system to hang sometimes. The default file format is bitmap (.bmp files) in MS Paint. It opens and saves image files in this format by default.
  • Another method to avoid problems is to not open files in the compressed format. Paint cannot recognize such formats. You might receive the following error message “”Not enough memory or resources. Close some programs and try again”. This usually indicates memory issues, or trouble with file formats.
  • If you have a problem opening a particular image file in MS Paint, then you can try to open other image files. If you are able to open and edit other files but not a particular file, it means that the particular file might be corrupted or damaged.

Microsoft has included a great Help system in MS Paint, which will help you to master different tools and features in Paint. It also contains informative tips to solve many Microsoft problems related to MS Paint.