Microsoft Azure Has Its Fair Share Of Problems

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Not all the OmniTech Support websites you see online are genuine. There are indeed a few Omni Tech Support ripoff websites trying to take advantage of the reputation and popularity of the OmniTech Support services.

You are not likely to get quality tech support from any of these Omni Tech Support ripoff websites. In fact, do not provide any of your valuable information to them, if you notice anything suspicious about the website. As far as the tech support service and the latest tech news are concerned, there is no other better source than the OmniTech Support website.

Service outages have dented Microsoft Azure’s reputation in the market

In the last few months, Microsoft has managed to stay in the news for both good and bad reasons. There is certainly a great enthusiasm among Windows users to try out their recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview. However, Microsoft has not still recovered from the criticism it received for the service outages that affected their Windows Azure service back in August. In fact, many online blog websites are still discussing this issue.

If you are not one of the Windows Azure users, then you might not have noticed this. But, there was a series of service disruptions and long outages in the Windows Azure service in many parts of the globe. Reports about service problems came from not only from the US, but also from countries like Brazil and Japan. So, this was clearly not a problem that affected just one local server or something like that.

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Apart from that, Windows Azure was indeed working fine in all other locations. However, Brazil and Japan are some of the major markets for Windows Azure and such service disruptions can seriously affect the prospects of the cloud service platform that Microsoft has invested a lot on.

Users in Japan reported what Microsoft described as “partial performance degradation”. The same issue was reported in US and Brazil. They were not able to access many of the features and options available in the Windows Azure platform. Many other users were not even able to log in to the cloud service platform. In a statement issued later, Microsoft admitted that they had been dealing with some network infrastructure issues.

Microsoft need to fix such network issues at the earliest. Already, there are many apprehensions about the cloud service platform among the Enterprise users and such incidents of service outages would only discourage them further.

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Reasons To Call Omni Tech Support To Fix Your System Issues

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Fix Computer Issues With Online Support

Many a times, when users encounter an error message in their systems, they rush to the nearby technical support service for assistance. Although when it comes to handling your computer related issues, seeking expert advice is a good option, one should ensure that he/she is contacting a genuine technical support service.

Nowadays, many companies have emerged that promise to offer professional technical assistance to customers. But in reality, these would be a part of the numerous online scams that have become common nowadays. Such fraudsters usually warn the customers about a non-existent malware that can harm their systems. As a result, most users would relent in and agree to pay the huge amount that these services may ask to fix their computers. Hence, it is always recommended to seek assistance from reputed technical support services like Omni tech support team to get the best professional assistance and get your system issues fixed in quick time.

When you contact Omni tech support service, the technician would ask your permission to take remote access of your system. This is to make sure that you can sit along with the technician and know about the troubleshooting and fixing steps. Hence, this is immensely beneficial for users as they would be able to fix the same errors in the future as well, without depending on a technician. Moreover, you need not worry about the data stored in your computer from being leaked out. There’s also a chat support service available through which you can have a conversation with the technician and he can guide you with the troubleshooting steps.

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As mentioned earlier, whenever you opt for technical assistance, ensure that you are dialing a genuine tech support number. Several issues have been reported related to the online scams where the representatives of such firms have asked for the customers’ credit card information and then barged into their critical personal information. Although several such companies have been identified, the users are always advised to only contact authentic tech support services like Omni tech support.

The best part of seeking assistance from a professional technical support service like Omni tech support is that the technicians here are available 24×7, making it easier for the users to contact them whenever they want.

In short, the next time when your computer behaves weirdly, make sure you dial the Omni tech support number for assistance. The technicians here can help you to get the issues fixed at the earliest.

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Removing Google Toolbar Notifier From Your Computer

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        Google Toolbar Support

The Google Toolbar Notifier is a part of the Google Toolbar that notifies people about their emails and alerts the users about new mail and calendar events. It checks emails every two minutes and is used by people who do not use email or calendar client applications. Instead, this software finds use by people who prefer to work on their browser.

However, over the years, the use of toolbars has reduced to the point where nobody even knows such a feature exists. Google, knowing so, has integrated the functionalities of Google Toolbar notifier into other apps like Hangouts, the current replacement for Google Talk, the reigning IM messenger app from Google.

Google Toolbar notifier even alerts you if some third party software is trying to change your search preferences against your wishes, protecting from infringement by other toolbars. However, if you use web browsers like Google Chrome, you will find no use for this outdated software, the likes of which were introduced back in 2005. OmniTech technicians advise you to remove all such software to free up your computer and make it work faster.

As Omni Tech Support guides have suggested, if you want to remove the Google toolbar, here’s what you have to do:

  • Click the Windows Start menu and click on the Run command. It will bring up a Run window from where you can type in the names of programs to run them. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, you have to click on Start Search.
  • Type in msconfig and then press Enter in order to launch the Systems Configuration Utility.
  • From inside the window, click on the Startup tab and then click on the check mark that lies Next to GoogleToolbarNotifier in order to disable the program.

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  • Click Apply to save your changes and then select OK. You might be prompted to restart the PC, which is best to confirm the changes have taken place.
  • OmniTech technicians found an alternative solution to do the same using the web browser. Click open the web browser that you use and click on the Wrench icon Next to the Google Toolbar. Click on Options.
  • Click on the Search tab and then click on the check mark next to Send Usage Statistics to Google checkbox. In order to save all the changes, click OK.

If you follow all these steps recommended by Omni Tech Support guides to the word, you will see that the Google Toolbar notifier no longer functions and has been removed from your system.

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How Omni Tech Support Worked Out For Me

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         Windows Tech Support

I’m one of those persons, who seeks out technical support for the smallest problems in my computer. I make no excuses for this, because I need none. I’m of the opinion that as long as I pay for what I want, I should get it. And, I usually do.

I’ve called more than one support service for fixing my Windows problems, and almost always, had these been instantly taken care of. At times, when the troubleshooting wasn’t this fast, I’ve still managed to get software support at reasonable prices. Sometimes, I get bored with calling the same company every time, and so, I frequently switch companies to see if there are better ones out there. My friends tell me this is a good way to get ripped off; but then, I tell them it’s how I found OmniTechSupport.

Now, computer hangs and software crashes are kind of routine for me, and so, I’m not that tightly wound when I call someone up for tech support. This was the case when I called OmniTechSupport. From the moment the representative answered the call, I started assessing their service and customer handling. I explained that the malware problem I was having, and at the end of it, he asked if I wanted instructional guiding, or would I be more comfortable with remote assistance? I agreed to the latter, and in short order, we set up a connection, which I was told I could terminate at any time during the call. Apparently, this is one way OmniTech guides you though PC repair.

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The representative then proceeded to check out my antivirus – something I rarely do myself. He showed me that the virus definition updates were disabled, and that was how the malware had gotten in. He scheduled a boot time scan and then, told me to restart the computer, which I did. Now that the remote connection was out, he walked me through what to do with the scan results. There were plenty of infections, which I deleted. After the system booted up and I logged into Windows, he told me to check if the original problem (I was unable to navigate through folders in Windows Explorer) was still there. It wasn’t.

I ended up paying a fairly economical fee for the service, which had lasted 13 minutes. This is one of the best software support providers I’ve come across. But, what I should mention is how quickly and effectively OmniTech guides you through troubleshooting and issue resolution. I’ve seen few as good.

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Keeping Your Files Through A Windows 8 Upgrade

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            PC Support

The Windows 8 upgrade is an assisted procedure, where the program guides you through the installation of the new OS. The steps involved are simple and easy to follow, and at the end of it all, you get to keep your old files. Only, you should start the installation from within the existing Windows OS. Here’s what you have to do to make sure of that.

  • Proceed through the installation process till you get to the screen that says Choose what to keep.
  • Here, you will see three options: ‘settings, files and apps’; ‘only files’; and ‘nothing’.
  • Choose the first or the second, if you want to retain the files in the old OS.

When using the online purchase for the upgrade, there’s a special dialog box, before you start the installation. This will check that your computer is compatible with the new OS, and tell you, if you’re a go. If the hardware doesn’t support it, the OS won’t be installed.

Accessing the files you carried over

The files in your old Windows installation are stored in the ‘Windows.Old’ folder, which contains all your old program installations as well. The reason it’s all here is because it’s not compatible with the new OS. There is a recovery tool form Microsoft, which lets you access these files. For manual recovery, do the following:

  • Go to the Search function and type in Computer. Select Apps, and then, select Computer.
  • Select the drive you’ve installed Windows in. This will probably be the C: Drive.

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  • Go to the Windows.Old folder, and double click on your user name.
  • Open the folders, which have the files you’ll be needing, such as Documents.
  • Select the files you wish to retrieve, and right click and select Copy.
  • Go to the location, where you want to save the files, and right click and select Paste.

For programs that have been moved to the Windows.Old folder, recovery is exceptionally hard. This is because it involves many changes in the registry. An easier and safer alternative is to note down the names of the programs, and install them once over. For more help with this, call OmniTech Support.

If you’ve read about Omni Tech Support scams, you should know there’s no such thing. We are a BBB accredited IT solutions provider, with a vast base of satisfied customers. Neither of these would be possible, if Omni Tech Support scams were a real thing.

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