Creating An Alias Email Address In Outlook.Com

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      Omni Tech Support is one of the webmail services that has different functionalities to offer for its users. With the help of, it is possible to manage an account with different alias email accounts. Apart from this, you have the option to set up certain rules in the way in which you want the emails that end up in the inbox. Moreover, with the alias account, you can reply to emails the same way you do with the actual email address. An alias email is nothing but an email used for forwarding.

There are various tech guides and support guides available online to help people with the technical queries they have. There has been quite a fuss about swindles such as Omni tech support ripoff pages. Here are steps to create an Alias account in


  • Sign In to you account.
  • From the inbox window, click on the Gear like symbol.
  • From the menu, click on the More Mail settings.
  • Under Managing Account, click the Create An Outlook Alias link.
  • Next you have to enter the Username for your new alias email.
  • Choose a Domain name as well.
  • Click on the Create An Alias link.
  • After this, you need to set rules to instruct that the emails for the alias account should be saved in another folder.
  • You can choose a folder under one that already exists, or you have an option to create a new folder to save the emails for the alias account.

    Omni Tech Services

             Omni Tech Services

  • Click on Done.
  • In case you want to alter or remove this rule, you can change it later.

The term aliasexpansion is sometimes used to indicate a detailed mode of email forwarding, which has a more generic meaning for the term email alias as an address. In case you do not want to reply with the actual email address, you may as well choose to reply with the help of alias email addresses.

To know more about the different functionalities of, you can get help from Omni tech services. There are several support guides for people to refer to, in case they need tech help. Apart from this, users also have an option to call up the support technician to get help. In case you do not prefer to call the technician, you have an option to chat with one of them for more help. People are requested to be aware of scammers like Omni tech support ripoff web pages while looking for help.

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How To Set Auto Replies In Outlook

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If you are a professional, who communicates extensively with your colleagues and managers through emails, then you might be receiving several important emails each day. Now, sometimes you might be out of office when you receive an important email from one of your clients or customers. In this situation, it is important that you make the other person aware that you are out of office and you have not seen the email.

Omni Tech Support technicians say that if you are using Microsoft Outlook, then you can create auto replies to such emails that will make the other person aware that you are out of office. In this post, we will find out how to set up this feature in Microsoft Outlook.

Steps Involved

  • Launch Outlook and select the File tab.
  • Choose Automatic Replies.
  • Click the option Send automatic replies.
  • If you wish to set the message for a specific period, choose Only send during this time range. This will help you to set the period within which this feature will be active. If you do not wish to set the period, auto-replies will be sent automatically. You will have to choose the option Do not send automatic replies box in order to stop this.
  • Select the tab My Organization and in the field for “AutoReply only once to each sender with the following message”, enter the message that you wish to send to the emails.
  • Under the tab for Outside My Organization, mark the box for Auto-Reply to people outside my organization. Now, enter the message that you wish to send in the respective field. You can choose whether to sent the replies only to My contacts or to anyone who sends you an email.

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  • Select the button OK.
  • According to technical support technicians at Omni Tech Support, you can also set rules for the emails received. With rules, you will be able to initiate a different action and this depends on how you set the rule.
  • Select the option Rules from the window for Automatic Replies and choose Add Rules.
  • Below the option When a message arrives that meets the following conditions, choose the conditions that you wish to apply. In order to set more conditions, select the option Advanced, choose the options, which you wish to set and select OK.
  • If you wish to apply this rule only last, then mark the box Do not process subsequent rules.
  • Choose the actions to perform in the options for Perform these actions.
  • Select OK and this will set the rules.

For further assistance on setting rules and auto replies, you may contact the Omni Tech support team.

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Problems With Sending And Receiving Emails In Outlook? Here Is The Solution

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In spite of being the most popular email client application, Microsoft Outlook is susceptible to a large number of technical problems. Sometimes, you would notice that the application is not downloading emails or sending emails. Other times, you would find it being irresponsive. What are the causes of these issues? Can they be fixed without contacting an expert?

Well, I can’t give you any assurance that I can help you fix all Outlook problems on your own. However, I can help you in determining the causes of common Outlook problems and fixing some of them. In case the issues seem to persist, get in touch our Omni Tech support desk, a popular online PC support service that is often targeted by critics and hackers through Omni tech support scam posts.

Why is Outlook not responding?

There are multiple reasons for Outlook not responding. Internet connectivity issues, corruption of Outlook PST files and wrongly configured account settings are the most common reasons for the issue. Each of these reasons is discussed in detail below.

Internet Connectivity issues

Outlook needs an active internet connection for sending and receiving emails. If you are not able to send or receive emails in Outlook, the primary reason could be that the network connection is temporarily down. Check if your internet connection is active. Open your default web browser and try to load a new web page in it. If it doesn’t load, you can be certain that the Outlook issue has resulted from a temporarily down internet connection. Contact your internet service provider immediately to restore the network connection.

Corrupted PST files

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All Outlook data is stored in the local drive as PST files. The PST files could get corrupted easily with unexpected changes in the system settings or virus infections. If you suspect any of the above, check whether your PST files have become corrupted and replace or repair them immediately.

Wrongly configured account settings

In order to send and receive emails through Microsoft Outlook, you ought to set up your email account in Outlook. This is done by configuring the Outlook settings with accurate details about the email account, the server used by the email account, account details etc. If any of these details is wrongly given, there will be Outlook issues. Hence, verify your Outlook account details.

The above tips should have helped you pinpoint the reason for the Outlook issue you are currently facing and address it effectively. For real time assistance, contact our OmniTech Support desk. Remember, Omni Tech support does not take any responsibility for Omni Tech support scam posts or websites.

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Great Support, Affordable Price, And Best Service

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The world is experiencing an overwhelming number of computers in use. This is only going to increase in the future. The computers are super smart, small, and extremely complex. Computers these days are capable of taking care of and replacing various human efforts and activities, either mental or physical. In fact, computers have become is ubiquitous and is becoming omnipotent in terms of its influence in human lives. However, with the ever-growing requirement of computers for various tasks, there rest some great concerns too.

The more complex computers become, the more complicated the errors arise. Today, we need tech support experts to repair even minor computer problems. Computers, if not functioning well, can result into a downtime that may not be afforded by companies and organizations. When the computers are on the halt, it has the potential to jeopardize various business activities, client communications, and data flow. This is why, it is extremely important that all the problems associated with computers are dealt with as soon as possible.

There are many ways for companies to tackle an ongoing problem. Most big firms and established organizations have their own IT department dedicated to deal with all kinds of computer related problems. IT departments have the responsibility to deal with various aspects to safeguard the systems used by the company staff. For this precise reason, thay hire experts and qualified technicians.

Technical Support Service Companies

         Technical Support Companies

Though IT department is a possible solution to deal with computer related issues in an organization, we need to consider the fact that not all organizations are blessed with financial resources that can be utilized for hiring such in-house dedicated IT tech support staff. This is where technical support service companies come into picture.

Omni Tech Support is one of the ideal computer repairs and technical support companies across the entire globe. Testing OmniTech support, customers and users can realize the quality of IT solutions being offered. It is not just the quality that small businesses are looking for, even affordability matters a lot. That is why, OmniTech Support offers some of the best services in affordable prices.

They offer customized tech support services based on the needs and budget of their customers. Under their service package, you get an all-in-all support for all computer related issues. Try testing OmniTech Support today; you will know it yourselves.

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Steps To Fix Duplicate Messages Issue In Outlook Express

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Outlook Express can be termed as an email program developed by Microsoft, which is quite distinct from Outlook. The email application is included with Internet Explorer and is bundled with several versions of Windows OS. Although it sounds quite similar to Microsoft Outlook, both applications are different and have various options and functionalities.

Sometimes, certain issues may pop up in the application, which would force the users to call up a genuine tech support team like OmniTech support. Well, according to several OmniTech reviews, many users confront problems in Outlook Express related to the receiving of duplicate emails. Well, if you have also encountered the same issue, follow these instructions to fix the same the next time you encounter it.

If the duplicate emails are coming from a POP account:

  • At first, you need to open your Outlook Express store folder in Windows Explorer. Once opened, you can click on the file by the name Pop3uidl.dbx.
  • Now, click on the Delete option from the menu in the application.

If it is an IMAP account:

  • In such cases, you might see two copies of every message in your Inbox in the Outlook Express program. Even certain OmniTech reviews by users state the occurrence of a similar issue time and again.
  • According to the technicians at Omni Tech support team, this mainly occurs when the users usually have set Outlook Express to retrieve new mail automatically upon startup. Hence, default inbox also gets opened up and both commands download new mail, and in such cases, you’d see two copies of each message.

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             Omni Tech Support Service

  • In order to fix such issues, you need to click on the Tools option followed by Options from the menu. You need to set up the option to ensure that Send and receive messages at startup is not checked.
  • Once you’ve unchecked this option, you need to click on OK. This applies if you have just one account.
  • In cases where you have multiple accounts, you need to first select Outlook Express from the Folders tree. Once this option has been chosen, you need to ensure that when the program starts, the inbox folder doesn’t come up. For this, you need to uncheck the go directly to my Inbox option.

By following these instructions, you can successfully fix duplicate emails issue in Outlook Express. For more assistance on the same, you may contact the Omni Tech support team.

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