How To Install Microsoft Outlook In Your System?

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email applications that comprise of several advanced and useful features. Be it the calendar, to-do lists or task manager option, Outlook provides a convenient emailing experience to the users.

Sometimes, customers call up tech support services like Omni Tech support team to know how to install Microsoft Outlook. If you have any such issues, make sure that you dial only the right tech support number to avoid Omni Tech support fraud issues.

You can also follow the instructions mentioned below to know how to install Microsoft Outlook in your system:

  • In the first step, you need to choose the manually configure server settings or additional server types when you get the message create a new email account or newsgroup on the computer screen.
  • Now, you need to click Next and then a new window will appear on your computer screen that says Add new e-mail account.
  • Here, you can either follow the email setting wizard or opt to manually create an email account by changing settings or preferences.
  • If you’re choosing to set it manually, click on Tools on the top first bar of your Microsoft Outlook window.
  • In the next step, you need to choose the Account Settings option and a window will pop up.
  • Now, you need to click on New followed by Mail and then on Next. You will get directed to the Add New E-mail Account window option.
  • Next, enter your information that includes your name, email address, and password wherever required and then click on the Remember password option.

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  • Now, choose POP3, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange etc. from the drop-down list in Account Type option.
  • The incoming and outgoing mail server addresses should be imap and smtp respectively and to know more, you can also contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • Now, enter the port numbers and click on the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) option if you desire to log on using SPA.
  • Next, you need to click on Test Account Settings for sending a test message to check the settings. The Omni Tech support fraud alerts also warn the customers to use genuine versions of Outlook to avoid issues.
  • Once finished, click on Next followed by Finish.

These steps can help you to successfully install Microsoft Outlook in your system. To get more information on the same, you may contact our Omni Tech support service.

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How To Uninstall Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview is no longer relevant as the final version of the operating system is already out. However, many users have it installed even now in their computers and are searching for steps to remove it. According to the OmniTech support desk, removing Windows 8 consumer preview is simple. Here are some steps to uninstall the Windows 8 consumer preview from your PC. If you think that it has to be performed by an expert, contact our technicians at Omni Tech support desk. Remember, we don’t send any ads to anyone. If you receive any, report it to us for it could be the Omni Tech support scams.

As a first step, you have to check where the Consumer Preview has been installed in the PC. If it is on a partition, removing it is rather simple.


  • Download and install EasyBCD that is available online for free. When the tool is loaded, select the option that says Edit Boot menu. You can see this option on the sidebar of the screen.
  • Choose Windows 8 Consumer preview from the available boot options. After selecting it, double-check it to ensure that you have selected the appropriate option.
  • Select Delete to proceed. Before you perform the next step, be sure to select the checkbox before your primary operating system to set it as the default operating system to load your PC so that you don’t have to select it from the Boot menu option every time the PC is turned on.
  • Select the Save Settings button to save the changes you have made and exit the screen.

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  • Next, locate BCD Backup/Repair option from the sidebar and select it. Choose Re-create/repair boot files from the resulting menu. Proceed by clicking Perform Action button.  Your Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be uninstalled and removed from the boot loader.
  • Check whether the steps you performed have made the desired changes by restarting your PC. If the PC loads the primary operating system without taking you to the boot menu screen or gives no sign about Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you can conclude that the uninstallation was successful.

With the help of aforementioned steps, you have removed Windows 8 Consumer Preview from your PC. To have these steps performed by experts, contact our OmniTech support desk. Remember that Omni Tech support desk has no connection with Omni Tech support scams and its fake websites.

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Leaked Consumer Build Of Windows 10 Finds Its Way Online

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Microsoft is busy getting the consumer preview of Windows 10 ready for next year. The consumer build (9901) is set to be publicized in January at a press event, but a version of this has already been leaked and is making the rounds on the internet. This gives us a peek at what Microsoft has in store.

What’s causing waves is the fact that they have the Cortana digital assistant in this version. This was apparent from a video demo which was leaked this month, which showed the search assistant app at the top of the search results interface. This lets you give out search commands by voice or text. This is a lot like the same app in the Windows Phone OS, which lets you access the notebook, reminders, and interests.

The Windows 10 version isn’t fully functional, but this is after all an early look, and not enough to judge the final product by. Also, there is an Xbox app which lets you quickly access the Xbox live service. This is a young version of the app, according to Microsoft, and that means there’s a chance it will come with SmartGlass integration the next time. But what’s interesting is the way they’ve redesigned the native apps, such as in the case of the calculator app, which has been updated.

The new desktop has better animations than before, and you have a TaskView toggler. What seems to be happening as well, is the removal of the Control Panel as we know it, and then maybe integrating it into the Settings app. There is no more Settings button in the Charms bar, showing that the tech giant is serious about expediting access to the Settings app.

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Until Windows 10 comes out next year, many users are stuck with Windows 8.1, or an older platform. Some of these OSs are much more prone to issues and problems, meaning that users with these will require services from technical support providers. Omni tech support guides Windows users with issue resolution covering a vast range of areas, from driver installation errors to MS Office issues.

Check out a few reviews, and you’ll certainly decide that this is the right company to call. Omni tech support guides you using the most decisive and efficient methods available, and does this for a modest fee. Try them out; you won’t be disappointed.

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Why OmniTech Is An Excellent Tech Support Provider

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I’ve found that computer support can be very useful if you’re having problems on your Windows machine. While this might not hold for all tech support companies that can be contacted via phone, it was certainly the case with OmniTech support, which was the company I called. I was impressed at the way the technician resolved my issue in a thorough and efficient manner. It’s no wonder that almost all OmniTech reviews are brimming with praise for the services this company provides.

For some reason, I had imagined that it would be hard for someone to fix my computer without being in front of it. This was absurd, as I soon found out. A friend suggested that I contact OmniTech on their hotline number, and then see if they could fix the issue. He assured me that unless they did, I wouldn’t have to pay a cent. I relented. The call was taken up after a couple of rings, and a voice greeted me and asked me what assistance I needed.

The politeness was reassuring, and I explained that I was having pop-up problems in my browser. The technician then asked if I wished to avail remote assistance, or just follow instructions instead. I chose the latter, and then the representative proceeded to guide me through a virus scan. Contrary to what I thought, he knew exactly what I should do, which made sense because he probably dealt with stuff like this all the time. A few minutes and the scan was finished, and it showed that I had a quite a few malware, which I deleted.

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Since I had an outdated antivirus, he told me to set it up for automatic updates. With that done, I was told to check for any add-ons in my browser which might have caused the problem in the first place. When I checked this, I found that there were a few toolbar extensions which I didn’t remember installing. The technician suggested removing them if I didn’t want them around, and I did that too. Since then, I’ve never had the popup problem in the browser. The OmniTech reviews I’d read were well founded.

Having personally availed the fine services of this excellent tech support provider, I can now say that they’re the go-to place for people facing issues in their Windows computer. It turns out they handle all kinds of problems, related to a wide range of topics, from driver installation to malware detection and removal.

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The Worse Aspects Of Windows 8

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The first few weeks after Windows 8 came out, many people were busy getting it and installing it in their computers. Many of them encountered several issues which the then-new operating system had to offer. You could see many of these repeatedly announced on the Microsoft forums. In light of the Windows 10 release, and the inevitable comparison with Windows 8, why not look at some of the more unfavorable aspects of the latter?

The Metro-style Start screen

This was probably the single most commonly hated feature in Windows 8. At a time when people had started thinking that the Start menu was an established tenet of Windows interfacing, Microsoft brought in a mobile oriented approach instead; “Instead” being the key word. You could be checking out mail on Outlook, when you suddenly require a specific document to mail to a friend. The first impulse is to get the file search window up. But hitting the Start button for this brings up the Start screen, form where it’s harder to get back to the previous application.

It’s not possible to close apps

Most testers found this annoying about Windows 8. After starting an app, you can’t close it until Windows 8 decides to cut it off because it’s heavy on the CPU. This is a big problem among more technically oriented folk – even when these apps are suspended, as Microsoft has said they are, they still consume resources. And when these apps are automatically suspended, they can only be accessed by calling them up from the Start screen once again.

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The green theme on the Start screen

This is another annoying setting from Microsoft’s finest. There’s a default green theme facing you when you first realize the Start menu isn’t here. That’s how it was for me. Besides these, there are several other issues which users have been encountering on the OS. Third party tech support never looked better as an option. Find a competent tech support provider like OmniTech support, and avail their services.

Read a few OmniTech support reviews if you’re new to this. This is a Windows tech support company which provides services over the phone, and through remote connection. Before calling, make sure you’re satisfied with the OmniTech support reviews and testimonials. Check out their listing on BBB as well; it’s got an A+ rating. This is plenty of reason for choosing these guys.

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