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The Xbox One game console from Microsoft was released on November 22. This device has a bundle of new features that are aimed to make the video game console the only entertainment system needed by users. The feedbacks and reviews on the product show that not everyone is happy with the device. The party system of the product is drawing numerous complaints. According to one of the disappointed users, the party invitation system of the video game console is inadequate and frustrating.

One of the Reddit users said, “Party chat and invites are flawed.” He added, “Mainly because you can’t invite like on 360, the new auto invite assumes you have one friend or many with the exact same taste in games and making a party or joining it is painfully long all buried deep with a unintuitive navigation design. You can’t even boot people.” In addition to the complaints with invitation, the Smart Match feature is also much criticized. Another Reddit user said, “They need to fix Smart Match and put manual invites back in.” He continued, “I don’t think it needs to be one or the other.”

Larry Hyrb who is the Microsoft director of Xbox Live programming joined the conversation to assure the users that Microsoft Corporation is working to fix the issue. However, we all know that the Xbox One users are not the ones who sit around and wait for Microsoft to do something. Instead of waiting for Microsoft to make the necessary changes, they have made their own website, which is called as Xbox Feedback. This community is working towards making a better Xbox One, discuss the problem encountered with the users and provides suggestions on improving the gaming console.

Xbox Feedback

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Larry Hyrb said on Reddit that he has passed the website to Microsoft. Microsoft Xbox One was launched on Nov 29 in thirteen different territories. They had sold one million units within the first 24 hours of its official release. This number was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft chat support team. If you wish to know more on the Xbox One gaming console, you can contact the Microsoft chat support team. They will be able to provide you with more details on the features of the Xbox One video gaming console. You can also visit the official Microsoft website to know more on the latest feature additions of Xbox One.

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How To Add Yahoo Email Account In Outlook

Outlook Setting

Features Of Outlook

Email clients are programs, which allow users to set up their internet email accounts in them. By this method, a user can configure all his email accounts in an email client and view the emails received in different accounts by just launching this email client program. There are many email clients in the market and one such email client is Outlook, which was developed by the software giant Microsoft. In this post, we will find out how to configure Yahoo email account in this email client.

Steps Involved

Even though most of the email service providers allow users to pop forward the email messages to an email client, it requires Yahoo mail users to purchase and upgrade the service to Yahoo Mail Plus to avail this function. Therefore, before you configure the Outlook setting, it is necessary to upgrade the email account.

In order to upgrade the Yahoo account, go to the homepage of Yahoo! Mail Plus and select the option Upgrade Now. Type your Yahoo! email id and password to login to the Yahoo account. Then follow the on-screen commands to set up the account.

Technical Support

Outlook Email Configuration

Once you finish upgrading the Yahoo account, launch Microsoft Outlook from its shortcut icon by double-clicking it. Then go to the option Tools and click on Email Accounts. In the window for Email Accounts, select the option Add a new email account, which you will find below the option Email. Click Next and select the option POP3. Again, click Next. In the field for Your Name, enter the name that you wish others to see while receiving an email from this account. Enter your Yahoo email id in the field for E-mail. The incoming mail server and outgoing mail server for Yahoo account are and respectively.

In the space for User Name and Password, type the Yahoo email id and the password for it respectively. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. Therefore, type the password carefully. Click the option Use same settings as my incoming mail server and choose OK. Select the button More Settings and under the tab Outgoing Server, select the option My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication. In the Advanced tab, mark the option Leave a copy of message in the server. Click the option Next and then Finish to complete the setup.

With the above steps, you can set up Yahoo email account in the Outlook program. For additional help on Outlook setting, you may contact our technical support team.

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How To Get Rid Of Yahoo Toolbar

How To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

       How To Delete Yahoo Toolbar

The Yahoo toolbar is a cool add-on for those who use Yahoo for getting news updates, sports updates, shopping, etc. It has a search bar that lets you find your favorite websites faster, as well as provides quick links to these websites. However some may find the additional toolbar quite detrimental in using their browser application. Even though it is packed with features it could lead to some clutter on your web browser and sometimes even takes up screen space while browsing. If this is your problem you need to know how to remove Yahoo toolbar. You have two options: either disable the toolbar or delete it altogether.

How to remove Yahoo toolbar?

  • Open the internet browser application where you installed the Yahoo toolbar. Yahoo toolbars can be disabled from any Web page.
  • Click on either the Tools or Options menu tab from the menu bar. Each option is a link to a list of options related to browser customization and personalization. However the option will change according to the browser.
  • Now choose the Add-ons section. This section outlines all the extra features, tools and utilities that have been added to your internet browser application.
  • Here you will find the Yahoo toolbar among many other add-ons. Select the add-on by clicking or double clicking depending upon the browser you use.
  • Now select the Disable button in the appearing context menu for Yahoo toolbar.

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          Simple Steps To Disable Yahoo Toolbar

  • Click on Apply to make these changes valid and to disable the Yahoo toolbar successfully. Click on the OK button if the system produces a prompt after you select Apply. To ensure that your changes have been made active notice if you get redirected to the original Options menu.
  • If you do not want the Yahoo toolbar you can also get rid of it instead of disabling it. Disabling the toolbar makes the toolbar inactive in the browser application which can be activated later. To delete the toolbar you need to uninstall the toolbar. Press on the Pencil icon in the toolbar and choose the Uninstall icon there. This will remove the toolbar completely from the system, and you need to re-install it first before using it again.

Be careful when adding toolbars to your system. Some toolbars cause more harm than provide services, and look very familiar to the Yahoo toolbar. Make sure not to download and install such toolbars which can act as gateways for viruses.

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Fix Your Computer With Remote Assistance

Windows Tech Support

How To Fix Your Windows Computer Via Remote Assistance

If your computer starts malfunctioning it is better to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you know someone who is good with computers you could have them fix your computer for you without leaving their own computers. This is done using a process called remote assistance. Remote assistance allows a person who is physically far from you take control over your system as if they were working on the solution in the same room as you. This is a very handy feature to get rid of issues without troubling anyone.

Prepare for remote assistance on MSN

  • Go to the MSN website and enter your User Name and Password to get access to your account.
  • Open the MSN Messenger application by double clicking on the program located in the system tray.
  • Check online if there is someone in your contacts who could provide assistance.
  • If there is someone contact the person using the instant messaging tool and get the require assistance if they can provide it.

Using MSN Messenger to request remote assistance

  • There is little chance someone in your contacts can help you with your problems unless they are tech savvy and skilled. Alternatively you can request for remote assistance using the Actions link and selecting Request Remote Assistance from the menu.
  • View the list of available or online people in the My Contacts box that appears.
  • Click on the name of person who you would like to get assistance from.
  • Click on the Ok button to send the request for remote assistance.
  • Wait for the other person to accept your remote assistance request.
  • Choose Yes to begin the chat session. Get your problems across and click on Send to send any messages.

    Online People

    Dealing With Windows Computer Issues

Using MSN Messenger to Provide Remote Assistance

  • Open the MSN Messenger application on your system.
  • Choose Accept when you receive the remote assistance request.
  • Choose the Take Control button to get control of the remote computer after the remote session begins. Solve the query if you can and hand back access to the system.

If you are still experiencing any issues with your PC and no one could figure it out then it is time to call in the experts at Windows tech support. The Windows tech support team is highly skilled in all aspects of the Windows OS so you can get your problem solved without any hassles.

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Fixing The Outlook Not Opening Word Documents Error

Outlook problems

       Fixing Outlook problems

The most popular email application client used by millions of business and home users alike is Microsoft Outlook. It provides many features like sending and receiving of emails, contacts, tasks, schedule, task manager etc. Even though, it provides many features to the users, Microsoft Outlook is also prone to many errors.

Sometimes, when you are trying to open a Word document in Outlook, you will end up with an error, where you will be not allowed to open the Word document in Outlook. This is mainly because the Word document that you are trying to open in Outlook will be created in different MS Word version, which might not open in the version of Microsoft Outlook that you are using. Well, given below are some easy instructions that will help you to fix the Word document not opening error in Outlook.


  • Navigate to the lower left corner of your Windows desktop screen and click on the button called Start to open the Windows Start menu. From the Windows Start menu, you need to click the option labeled All Programs.
  • From the list of All programs, you need to click Microsoft Office. Just check the year that is displayed just after the icon for Microsoft Office. This is done to find the version of the Microsoft Office Outlook that you have installed on your computer. For e.g. if the icon for Microsoft Office says ‘Microsoft Office Outlook 2010’, then you have installed 2010 version of Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Next, you need to open the file that you are trying to open in Outlook in Microsoft Word application. For this, the default program for the particular file type will be Microsoft Word and to open it using the Word application, you need to double click on the icon.

    Outlook support

           problems in Outlook

  • After that, you need to click on the button named Office followed by clicking on the option called Save As. Now, save the file by selecting the appropriate year from the menu. For e.g. select the option called 97-2003 from the box called Save As for MS Word, if you have the 2003 version of the Outlook application. After saving the file in this format, you will be able to open the Word document in Microsoft Outlook.

The above instructions would be of great help if your Outlook application were not opening the Word documents. For more regarding the Outlook problems, visit the Outlook support page online. There you will more troubleshooting steps for the Outlook problems.

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