How To Password-Protect Your Email Data In Outlook?

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Outlook lets you set up as many email accounts in it as you wish. If your computer is shared with your friends or relatives, each user can set up their personal email account in Outlook. However, this Outlook feature has its own share of downsides. If you are someone who appreciates privacy for your emails, you would find yourself confused whether to use Outlook from a shared PC. Well, did you know that you can password-protect your Outlook data? It is true indeed. You can password-protect all your Outlook data.

Outlook stores your email data as a PST file in the local drive. By password-protecting the PST file associated with your email account, you can ensure that no one but you has access to your confidential emails. Below are the instructions on how to password-protect the Outlook PST file. If you need any assistance, give us a chance to help you. Our Omni Tech support desk has an independent team to help users with Outlook problems. However, if you receive any online support offers claiming to be from us, ignore them for they could be Omni Tech support scam.


  • Launch Outlook and navigate to the File menu.
  • Choose Account Settings from the resulting menu list.
  • In the Account Settings dialogue box, select the tab titled Data Files.
  • Choose the email account that needs to be password-protected.

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  • Next, go to the Settings button and select the option Change Password. You can find this option in the Data File menu.
  • Decide a password you wish to use to lock your email account. Be sure to choose a password that you don’t forget easily. It is recommended not to use your name, surname, etc as password because hackers can figure them out quite easily.
  • Enter the password in the New Password field and select the Verify Password option.
  • Proceed by clicking the OK button now.
  • Close the Data File Management screen by clicking on the Close button.
  • Restart Outlook to check whether password protection has been activated.

You have successfully password-protected your email account in Outlook. No intruders will be able to get access to your Outlook data hereafter. We have an independent team to help you deal with Outlook problems. Let us know the problem you have with Outlook and we shall help you deal with it. In addition, be kind to report to us any Omni Tech support scam pages you come across.

Converting Your Outlook Contacts To VCards

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Finding Outlook Support

Enterprise users have to deal with many compatibility problems, if they use software products from different manufacturers in their office. Not all office applications use the same data formats and there will be problems when you try to open a file created in one software application in a different program. Though there are solutions available for fixing this problem, you have to make sure that you are not downloading it from one of the Omni Tech Support ripoff sites.

How to convert your Outlook contacts to VCards

There are common data format standards that most software applications support. You just have to make sure that you convert the file in question to this standard format. For example, the Outlook Contacts format is not supported in many of the other popular email clients in use. However, it might be necessary for you to send a particular contact file to someone else in the office who is using a different email client.

In such cases, you can use the VCard format, which is supported by most email client applications out there, including MS Outlook. VCard is the digital equivalent of your business card. This Virtual Business Card contains all your contact information and any other information you choose to add to the file like an audio clip or a photograph image.

A VCard file will have the file extension .vcard or .vcf. You need to convert the Outlook Contact file you are planning to send to this format. Do not use any VCard conversion software you find in Omni Tech Support ripoff sites online. There is an option for this available in the Outlook application itself. If you have issues with setting up the same, you may contact our tech support desk, which is the genuine and official Omni Tech Support service.

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Go to the Outlook Contacts folder and select the contact you are planning to send. Click it open. It will open in a separate window. On the left most corner of this window, you will see a round MS Office logo, click on it to launch the menu options.

Select the option Save As from this menu and click on the option Export to VCard File. A new window will now be launched on the screen asking you to provide a name for this new VCard file. You can keep the default name, which will be same one as mentioned in the Outlook contact file and use the Browse button to save the file in any folder in your system. Now, open the Compose Message window, attach this VCard file to the message, and send it to your colleague.

Contact our tech support personnel, if you need any help with this procedure.

Why I Recommend Omni Tech Support

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Computer Support

What do you do when you encounter problems in your computer, which don’t let you work? The standard response is to see what’s wrong, fix it if you can, and then get back to what you were doing. This is an easy thing for many computer users these days, and they learn the ins and outs early on, all the better to be prepared when they hit a snag. But this assumes they have the time to learn the workings of the computer, and that’s exactly what professionals frequently lack.

For someone who’d rather not be bothered with stuff that doesn’t directly concern their work, tech support is a great alternative to DIY. And besides, enthusiasm doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful. For all you know, you might as well be aggravating the issue by tampering. It’s much safer to call someone who is a known expert, and in that regard, you can rarely do better than a support technician.

Technical support companies nowadays are a dime a dozen, and they provide services ranging through a comprehensive set of computer issues. But despite many of them giving out honest, quality services, there are others looking to rip off the unwary customer. You’ve probably heard ripoff stories where the customer paid for a service before receiving it, and had the “support representative” hang up on him. It’s sensible to be aware of such possibilities, and hold your money close until you’ve had your issue resolved.

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Software Support

For one of the more trustworthy companies, there’s Omni tech support. I’m personally thankful for having been bold enough to call them the first time. Testing OmniTech support turned out to be the best thing I’d done in ages. Not only did I have my computer issue resolved in minimal time, I also had someone to call the next time I needed technical assistance.

If you’re planning on testing OmniTech support, I’d say there’s no need. The service is probably the best you’ll come across. Every technician that answers is polite to the point of lulling you into a feeling of ease. It’s easy to forget you called with a problem for them to solve. Then there’s the speed and efficiency with which they handle the issue, leaving you appreciate just how qualified they are for this sort of thing. There’s no chance of hanging up with your issue unresolved either.

What Makes Omni Tech Support The Most Authentic Tech Support Service?

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What is the first thing you do when you see an error message on your computer? Do you try to fix it yourself or head over to the nearest tech support service? Interestingly, most users prefer choosing the second option, even if they know a thing or two about computers. However, while doing so, at least a few of them call up illegitimate services that act on the pretext of providing genuine technical services. Yes, nowadays several fraud companies have cropped up, which claimed to provide authentic technical assistance but would only be looking to leak out money from customers.

Whenever you encounter an issue in your computer, it is important to call up genuine tech support services like the Omni Tech support team. By doing so, you’ll get the best technical assistance that can help to get your system issues fixed in quick time. However, it is important to dial the right tech support number in order to stay away from Omni Tech Support fraud issues.

Omni Tech Support Service

          Omni Tech Support Services

The Omni Tech support service provides a set of useful options to the customers. Be it the online chat support service, virus removal service or the support guides, Omni Tech support ensures that your system issues get fixed in quick time. The support guides provided by the tech support enables the users to attempt the troubleshooting and resolving steps all by themselves without calling up the technicians. These support manuals educate the customers about the common technical glitches that occur in the computers and what all steps need to be taken in order to fix such issues. Moreover, the Omni Tech Support fraud alerts also warn the customers to download and install genuine versions of software programs in their computers to avoid technical issues in the future.

The online chat support service provided by the Omni Tech support team is available 24 x7 and thus makes it easier for the users to seek assistance from the technicians anytime they are in need. Remote assistance is another advanced option used by the Omni Tech support technicians to gain access to the customers’ computers. With this, the customers can view the troubleshooting and resolving steps performed by the technicians in their systems. Hence, if they encounter the same issues in the future, the customers can even try repairing it themselves before seeking assistance from the tech support team.

Hence, the next time your system behaves weirdly, make sure you seek assistance from the authentic Omni Tech support team.

Omni Tech Support – A Reliable Tech Support Provider

Omni Tech Support

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No one is quite sure about how to use their computer without problems. When problems pop up, everyone seems to get upset and look for someone who knows how to handle the issue. Even the techies look for experts when certain types of issues pop up because computer is a machine that is made of hundreds of hardware components and software applications. The problem that you chance to encounter in your PC can be due to several unknown reasons.

Types of computer issues

Computer problems can be classified into the two types: hardware related problems and software related problems.

Hardware related PC issues

When a particular hardware component installed in your PC fails to work the way it is supposed to, you can say that your PC has a hardware issue. A PC consists of several hardware parts such as motherboard, chipset, processor, RAM, CD drive, Hard Disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Each of these components is important for the functioning of the PC.

Software related issues

A computer is just a machine and is of no use as long as no software applications or operating system is installed in it. In order to enable your PC to work, you should install your desired operating system and programs in it. The OS, programs, etc are vulnerable to virus threats. Malwares are capable of corrupting the operating system and the programs you have installed in the PC.

OmniTech support for all types of computer problems

Omni Tech support desk is a popular online tech support company located in Los Angeles. The company delivers its services through telephone, online tech support chats and remote access based troubleshooting.

Who can contact OmniTech support desk?

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            Omni Tech Services

Being the most popular online tech support firm, OmniTech support desk ensures that its services are available to everyone. Since most of the Omni Tech services are delivered online, anyone from any part of the world can contact the support desk and request for services. All they need to do is buy a subscription.

Free troubleshooting steps through OmniTech support pages

Omni Tech support desk offers free troubleshooting steps. You can access the free troubleshooting steps from OmniTech support site. After loading the OmniTech support page in your web browser, search the question for which you are looking for the answer.

OmniTech support was established in 2000, about 15 years ago. Throughout its existence, the company has faced a number of challenges. However, the support from thousands of satisfied customers has enabled it to withstand them all successfully.

Why Is Omni Tech Support The Best Firm To Fix The Errors With Microsoft Programs

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Your computer would most probably have many Microsoft products in it. Right from the operating system, many Microsoft products run on computers. In addition to the Windows operating systems, other products from Microsoft include, Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access etc. Microsoft has also acquired Skype, so if you are using Skype, keep in mind that it is also a Microsoft program.

Now, with different Microsoft programs installed in the computer, you might also encounter errors with these programs regularly. So, what will you do, when you encounter an error with any of the Microsoft programs? In this post, we will find out in detail how to clarify your queries or fix the errors in Microsoft programs.

Go to help section

Each program from Microsoft contains a section called help. In some of the programs, you can find the help section as a ‘?’ icon. All you need to do is click on this icon and you will receive all the details regarding the program you are running. You may search on the topics in the help section to find the right answer.

Microsoft support

If the Help section did not help you to find the solution for your issue or answer to your query, you may contact Microsoft support center to fix the issues. If your Microsoft product comes under the warranty period, then you will be able to avail free support for the issues. However, if the warranty period has expired, you will have to pay for the support availed.

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Third party firms

In addition to Microsoft support, there are several third party technical support firms in the country. Majority of these companies provide high quality support to the customers. In order to avail the support from these companies, contact the technical support department of the companies. These companies have trained professionals to fix the issues with your computer.

Now, if you are planning to contact a technical support firm, then Omni Tech Support would be the best choice. One of the advantages of this company is that there are no reports of Omni Tech Support scams. Since no customers have reported about Omni Tech Support scams, it reveals that the company is providing high quality support to the users. You may also go through a few Omni Tech Support reviews and then avail the support of this company.

Getting Professional Help When Dealing With Tech Problems In Your System

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         Quality Tech Support Service

If you have the necessary technical knowledge, then you might be able to fix the tech problems in the system on your own. However, most of the average users do not know much about software troubleshooting. So, they rely on tech support services like Omni Tech Support for assistance. By following the instructions provided in the Omni Tech Support guides, you can easily fix most of the tech problems.

Signing up for Omni Tech Support service

Professional tech support firms like Omni Tech Support provide round-the-clock support to their customers. They also provide quality antivirus and antimalware applications to reduce the chances of tech problems ever happening. However, it is impossible to avoid tech problems completely.

In the event of a problem, all you have to do is to contact the tech support personnel and they will provide you the necessary Omni Tech Support guides with detailed troubleshooting instructions on how to fix the problem. Follow these instructions and you can easily fix the issue yourself. For the more complicated issues, they will send you the software solutions, which are designed to detect the errors in the system and rectify them.

You need not worry about tech problems any more, once you have signed up for their service. They have annual and half-yearly tech support plans available at affordable rates. Small businesses and also average users will be able to afford these rates. Their services are also available on ad hoc basis.

Omnitech Support

             Omnitech Support Service

You may contact their tech support professionals and ask for assistance for any tech problem. You will be charged according to the service rendered. So, there is no need to sign up for the subscription plan, if you are only interested in finding a solution to a particular tech problem in your system.

However, signing up for the annual or half-yearly subscription plan might be cheaper in comparison. This is the cheaper option especially for business organisations with many number of computer systems in their office. They are very likely to deal with numerous tech problems during this subscription period and having a round-the-clock tech support service like Omni Tech Support will ensure that their online services are not disrupted for long periods.

Sure, there are many other tech support service providers online. But, most of them do not provide quality services like Omni Tech Support at such affordable rates. For these reasons, OmniTech Support is the best option for tech support available online.

Beware Of Increasing Online Scams

Online Scams

              Online Support Scams

Online scams are on the rise these days and the Internet has become an even more dangerous place to share your information. You should be very much careful while contacting the different tech support firms these days, else you will end up burning a hole in your pocket. There are different types of online scams taking place these days and you may be much familiar with the Nigerian lottery scams which are commonly called as the 419 scams. These scams are just simple ones and people are now much aware of these scams.

There are also the tech support scams that are on the rise. These scams are have a bigger plot and it will be difficult for a basic computer user to know if it is a genuine tech support service or a scam. You should always understand that none of the genuine tech support firms would contact you until and unless you have contacted them in the first place. The working of the online tech support scams is very simple. Someone will call you and tell you that they are calling from some tech support firm and that they are calling as they see that there are multiple issues with your PC.

These scammers will convince you that your computer is broken and they will need to access your PC to know more about the issues. Once they get access to your computer, they might run some fake antivirus programs on your PC. The report of the antivirus program will show you that there are multiple infections in your computer and that you will need to buy the premium version of the antivirus program to get rid of the infections. The news about the multiple infections on your computer may make you tensed and you may pay for the premium version.

Online Tech Support Scams

                 Nigerian Lottery Scams

This is just a simple operational strategy of the online tech support scams. These scammers disguise themselves as genuine tech support agents and rob you out of your money. If you know your way around your PC, you will be able to figure out that the antivirus program that is used by the fake tech support firms is not genuine and that they are trying to fool you showing fake scan results. It is always better not to allow others to access your PC remotely if you do not know them personally or have doubts about their identity or intentions.

Why Is It Best To Avail The Support Of Technical Support Firms For Your Computer Issues

Support Guides

         Best Online Support

Majority of you might have encountered an issue with your computer at some point of time. Now, when you encounter an issue with the PC, some of you might be availing the help of your relatives or friends while some of you might seek support from a technical support firm. Now, it may not always be possible for your friend to help you with your computer issues. It is therefore always advisable to purchase a support plan from one of the technical support companies. In this post, we will find out what are the advantages of purchasing such support plans.

Trained technicians

When you seek the help of your friend or relative, he/she may not be trained to fix the issues associated with the PC. That means, if your friend is not doing the right thing, it could even crash your computer. However, the technicians at the technical support firms are trained to fix the issues. Majority of them are highly qualified professionals who can fix your computer issues with ease.

Round the clock service

Majority of the technical support firms offer you round the clock service. That means, you can call them at any time of the day and they will be ready to provide support for your computer issues. Keep in mind that you cannot trouble your friend or relative at midnight to fix your computer issues.

Yearly support plans

Most of the technical support companies offer customers annual subscription plans. The major advantage of annual subscription plans are that you need to pay for the support only once in a year and you will be able to avail support for all your computer related issues with this plan. You can also take the incident based support plans that are offered by some companies.

Technical Support Companies

           Best Support Technicians

Support for peripherals

Even though the support plans offered by technical support firms vary, majority of them offer you support for the computer peripherals. Therefore, you need not take a different support plan for this.

Now, when you avail assistance from the support guides of a technical support company, make sure that you choose the right one since there are many fraudulent companies in the market. It is advisable to go through the online reviews about the firms before availing the service.

Technical support firms like Omni Tech Support are considered to be among the good ones in the country. The support guides at this firm are highly skilled and will ensure the right resolution for your computer issues with responsibility.

Why Is Omni Tech Support The Best Technical Support Firm In The Country

Omni Tech Support Guides

                    Best Online Support

I was always troubled by my computer as I encountered an issue with it each week ever since I bought it. I was so annoyed with it that I was planning to buy a new one. However, one of my friends suggested me to seek the assistance of Omni Tech Support guides. Since I had already contacted two other technical support firms, I told him that I was not interested in contacting a third. This was because both the firms I contacted were not able to fix the issues with my PC.

However, my friend told me that he had similar issues with his PC and that the Omni Tech Support guides fixed it. He compelled me to avail the support of Omni Tech Support and I agreed. As I had already lost money with two technical support firms, I did not want to loose it again and therefore, went through many Omni Tech Support reviews. I found that none of the reviews were negative and therefore, decided to contact the support technicians at Omni Tech Support.

The support staff who took the call told me about the different plans offered by the company. I found that the different plans of Omni Tech Support were more flexible than the ones offered by other technical support companies I had contacted earlier. After purchasing one of the plans, my call was transferred to a support technician. I was surprised to find that my call was taken by a technician within one minute of transfer. This was because I had to wait for more than fifteen minutes for my call to connect to a technician with both the technical support firms I had contacted earlier.

Omni Tech Support Reviews

               Best Support Technicians

The technician who took the call was very patient and polite. Remember that I had a long list of issues with my PC. He heard each issue and fixed it one by one. I did not even take him even 30 minutes to fix the different issues with the PC. Keep in mind that I had spent several hours with technicians of two other firms without any results. I was very happy with the service provided by Omni Tech Support team.

I was a bit worried whether the issues would return. However, it has been more than 2 months since I availed the services of Omni Tech Support and the issues that were fixed have no longer troubled my computer. Try it today and experience the difference!