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Fixing Blue Screen Error In Windows 8

windows 8 problems

Solving Windows 8 problems

If you are a hardcore computer user, you would definitely know about one of the common nightmares you could face with one – the Blue Screen error. Getting interrupted amidst hectic assignments and projects, by an irrecoverable error that turns the screen blue, can be agonizing. BSoD, or Blue Screen of Death, occurs when a very serious or critical error is encountered by the computer, making it impossible to reboot.  Out of the different Windows 8 problems, blue screen error is one that causes quite the headache to the user. The following description will be very helpful for you to resolve this issue very easily.

How to get out of the fix

  • Reboot computer normally by hitting the reset button.
  • If you are able to log in to the computer, after reboot, follow the below steps
  • Restore the computer to an earlier date.
  • Open Control Panel. In the search box, type Recovery. Take Advanced Tools and select Open System Restore. If a backup is already taken, it can be retrieved from Advanced Tools. If you do not opt for this, Reset your computer or refresh it. Resetting the computer will make variations to the files and folders in it. Refreshing will not change any files or folders.
  • From Device Manager, select the device drivers and hardware programs that cause errors. You can reinstall the device driver, or update it.

    blue screen error

    Troubleshooting Windows 8 Problems

  • To prevent blue screen errors, you can update Windows.
  • Sometimes you may find it difficult to log in to your computer, and follow the instructions
  • You can insert the DVD of Windows 8 Consumer Preview into the DVD drive. Boot your computer using the DVD. Upon completion of booting, a new window will pop up. Fill in the required information, and select Next. Select Repair your computer from the new screen that opens up.
  • From Repair, select Repair Options, and Trouble Shoot to launch recovery. Just like you did above, reset or refresh your computer.
  • Choose Advanced Option if you opt for the advanced option. If the backup that is made is on the hard disk, you can opt for System Restore. If you have already made a back up and stored it on a CD/DVD, you can make a System Image Recovery.
  • You can solve the issues related with booting using Automatic Repair.

These are the different steps that you can follow, to solve Windows 8 problems related with blue screen errors. Fix it at the earliest so that you can get back to your work all the sooner.