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Guidelines To Use A Wireless Mouse On Your Laptop

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If you don’t know how to use a wireless mouse, go ahead and read this article. The fact is, most users are fed up with the trackball mouse, and want total freedom of movement when it comes to the same. However, an external mouse can become a burden when you are quite the traveler. The best option in this case is a wireless mouse. You don’t need to mind the cable hassles, more specifically the cable of the wireless mouse tangling itself around whatever it can find. Given below are some computer support instructions on how to use a wireless mouse.

Computer support Instructions regarding wireless mouse

  • To start off, you need to turn your computer on. Please wait patiently as the operating system boots itself.
  • After the boot up process, the log in screen is displayed where you need to enter the user name and password. Now log in to your profile.
  • Before doing anything, you need to check the wireless settings of your laptop. First off, you need to make certain that your system supports wireless technology.
  • Some laptops don’t support wireless technology. In that case, you need to buy yourself a wireless receiver.
  • If your laptop has a receiver, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the wireless mouse that you intent to use.

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    computer support guidelines to solve the issues

  • You need to understand that you can use either a radio signal or Bluetooth technology for this purpose.
  • Next step is to unpack your mouse. Simply open the battery compartment of your mouse. You need to check the conditions of the battery since it is one important factor that determines the smooth functioning of the mouse.
  • You need to check the charge in the battery. If there is not enough charge in the same, you need to replace it immediately.
  • Without properly charged batteries, your wireless mouse will show errors and finally fail to function properly. So you must add new batteries to it at regular, reasonably short intervals,.
  • Before closing the battery compartment, you need to make certain that the battery compartment is properly inserted into the niche.

The above article details the procedure to undertake when facing problems with your wireless mouse. For further assistance, contact MS support teams online.