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Microsoft Recommends Uninstalling The Faulty Updates

Windows 7 users, who believed Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) were a thing of the past, were in for a surprise after downloading the recent update patches. The update, identified as MS14-045 in Microsoft’s numbering, was originally designed to fix three separate flaws, went rogue after installation for many users. Originally designed to seal the […]

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Using The System Restore In Windows 7

If your computer has been acting strangely or going slow for a while now, there is a way to bring it back to a condition where the performance used to be satisfying. This is possible by using the System Restore option in your Windows computer. Such options in Windows 7 help stave off data loss. […]

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A Worn Out Migration Path To Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the operating systems from Microsoft that is a favorite among people due to its user-friendly interface. For most of the business organizations, a migration to Windows 7 on their computer systems is a very easy job, especially when it is planned out in an efficient manner. Nevertheless, since the support […]

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Hp Promotes Windows 7 PCs Through Emails

Since Microsoft has completely stopped the support Windows XP PCs, Windows users are now left with only a few choices. They could either choose a computer with Windows 7 operating system or one that runs on Windows 8.1. As Windows 8.1 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, you would expect PC manufacturers to promote […]

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Processor Requirements For Windows 7 Operating System

The very success of Windows 7 as a classy operating system owes to its added features, which were not there in its predecessors. For the same reason, your computer will require to meet a specific configuration in order to run this operating system very efficiently. Among the several specific and particular hardware requirements, processor selection […]

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Adding An OS X Shared Printer To Windows 7

For connecting a Macintosh managed network printer in your Windows 7 based computer, you must first install the LPR port in the system for proper working of the printer. Follow the simple instructions given below from the Windows 7 help forums for adding a networked Mac printer to Windows 7. Instructions Move the mouse pointer […]

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Plan Ahead For A Successful Migration

Microsoft’s recent announcement about ending all support for Windows XP next year has left many companies in a scramble for migrating their systems. Upgrading hundreds or thousands of computers can be a painstakingly long and difficult process. The challenges usually include end-user downtime, migrations failures data loss and upgrading systems for remote employees. All these […]

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Performing Automatic Malware Scans With Windows Defender

Windows Defender is one of the best tools available to avoid and remove spyware and viruses from your computer. Unfortunately, in the Windows 7 OS, it is a bit difficult to locate the Windows Defender program. If your computer gets affected with spywares and viruses, you may run into issues that can range from small […]

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Learn How To Add Firewall Exception For Programs In Windows 7

With the launch of Windows 7, Windows Firewall has become more powerful and yet more flexible and user-friendly than its previous versions. Many of its shortcomings have been rectified and upgraded with more features, so as to provide maximum protection for your computer. It helps protect your computer from hackers, and other malicious programs. In […]

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How To Get Rid Of Hidden Icons On Desktop Windows 7

A messy desktop screen can make your system respond slow as well will make your system’s home screen appear messy. Sometimes, besides these normal files the desktop home screen may also contain some hidden files. Follow the instructions briefed below to get rid of hidden icons on Windows 7 desktop home screen. Windows 7 help […]

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