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How To Create Custom Shortcuts In Windows 8

To enhance the user experience in the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has introduced a new interface based on the ‘Metro’ design language that features a new Start screen akin to the Start screen in Windows Tablets, representing a series of dynamically updating tiles. The new Start screen in Windows 8 replaces the Start menu […]

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Disabling Internet Explorer 10 In A Windows 8 Computer

Internet Explorer 10, which comes with the Windows 8 operating system, provides a whole new user experience, including support for two browsing interfaces under a single platform. Internet Explorer 10 is now optimized as the web browser for touch devices, as well as for regular desktops. Windows 8 installation automatically loads Internet Explorer 10 onto […]

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How To Add Bluetooth Devices In Windows 8 Without Installing Drivers

Windows 8 is the latest and popular operating system from Microsoft, designed to use in personal computers, business and home desktop applications, tablets and mobile touch devices. It was made available in the market in October 2012. Windows 8 is bringing significant changes in the system’s platform, where focus is given on enhanced user experience, […]

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Windows 8 Shell Themes Installation Requires Replacing System Files

Windows 8 installation for shell themes necessitates you to replace the system files. This article serves as a guide on how you can do that in Windows 8 operating system. When system files are corrupted, the Windows operating system will not function properly. Under such circumstances, if you need to avoid fresh installation of Windows, […]

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