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The Best Way To Fix Windows 8 Issues And Problems

Windows 8 Problems

           About Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8 is a relatively new operating system and its OS structure is completely different from all the previous Windows versions. This has made it difficult for traditional Windows users to figure out where exactly the different options and settings are located in the OS. On top of that, resolving some of the Windows 8 problems has also become harder than it was in the case of Windows 7.

Upgrade to Windows 8.1 to fix some of the OS problems

Many Windows 8 users complaining about the OS problems and errors should realize that Microsoft has already released two or three major updates for their latest OS. For example, many of the Windows 8 problems can be fixed by just upgrading to Windows 8.1, which is available as free OS update; then, there is the Windows 8.1 Update 1 and many other minor updates as well.

It is understandable why so many Windows 8 users have not upgraded their computers yet. Though it is an update, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is essentially like installing a new OS. You are required to download a big installation file of about 4 GB for that as well. So, if you have a slow internet connection, this can take a very long time.

In addition to that, most of these users just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, after spending many hours in backing up all their important data, formatting the hard drive, and updating the hardware components. So, they do not want to go through all that hassle again, unless Windows 8.1 offers a significant change in the user experience, which is does not carry out.

Formatting The Hard Drive

            Windows 8 Support Deadline

Microsoft has categorized Windows 8.1 Update 1 as ‘critical,’ hoping that users will eventually upgrade to the newer version. It is assumed that in a few months’ time, they will stop providing tech support to Windows 8 and push users to update their systems.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, they fixed many of the Windows 8 problems with the Windows 8.1 update, and so, they can now focus on Windows 8.1 tech support alone. Microsoft has even set a deadline for Windows 8 users to make this upgrade. So, until Jan 12, 2016, you will continue to receive support all kinds of Windows 8 issues. However, after this date, you will have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to get any Microsoft tech support.

About Some Of The Common Problems In Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Problems

Windows 8 RT

Windows 8.1, the latest OS from Microsoft, is out already. Many users think Windows 8.1 is the best OS from Microsoft. However, for many others, the OS is not up to the mark due to some problems they faced while using it. Microsoft announced that they are working on the fixes to repair Windows 8 problems. What are the problems that Windows 8.1 users are encountering? This article looks at some of the frequently reported problems in the Windows 8.1 OS.

Windows 8.1 installation problem due to outdated drivers

Many users have complained that their Windows 8.1 upgrade got interrupted due to some unexpected driver issues. During the installation of Windows 8.1 upgrade, the users were prompted to remove the Sentinel Runtime Drivers. Many users tried their best to find out the ways to remove these problematic drivers including trying to uninstall it from the Control Panel. However, they could not find any such driver in the list of installed programs and applications in the Add/Remove Programs section.

BSOD error in Windows RT 8.1

Sentinel Runtime Drivers

Windows 8 OS

All versions of Windows 8.1 had their share of problems since the release, although the Microsoft experts fixed many of them soon. Among the problems, the most serious, as been reported by many, was the bug issue that affected the Windows RT 8.1 OS. The bug caused BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error after the installation of the Windows RT 8.1 upgrade. Some users have reported Boot Configuration Data File errors after the installation. Considering the seriousness of the problem, Microsoft had temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update option from its Windows Store facility.

Windows 8 problems prompted many users to try the Windows 8.1 preview after it was released. However, when Microsoft released the final version of Windows 8.1, the users who moved to Windows 8.1 preview from their previous operating systems were left without any options to move to the final version. There was no option for retaining the installed programs and saved settings. Users say that Microsoft could have introduced some options to help the users of Windows 8.1 Preview to move to the final without any technical glitches.

Microsoft has been receiving many such complaints from users across the world regarding the problems with Windows 8.1. The software giant has assured the users that their concerns would soon be addressed.

Troubleshooting Windows 8 Flash Player Issues

Windows 8 problems

               Windows 8 Flash Player Issues

Windows 8 is one of the latest operating systems released by Microsoft. This Windows 8 OS is embedded with many features. In addition, it is also possible for you to access high definition contents including videos and games. However, while playing some rich media contents, your Windows 8 machine may run into certain issues. This could mainly be because of the Windows 8 problems related to the flash player. Have you ever faced such problems while playing media files? If so, this post would be of great help.

Generally, Windows 8 gives you the option of using the IE in two different modes. One is the Windows Store mode and the other is the Desktop mode. The Windows Store mode is the version containing the new appearance, whereas the Desktop mode is identical to the old versions of your IE.

However, some troubleshooting methods can be performed on your own if you find any problems while playing the rich media content, especially the High definition files. They are as follows.

  • Look to play the content in the Desktop mode.

If you are still not able to play the rich media files, then proceed by

  • Disabling the AciveX Filtering feature.
  • Enable your flash player.
  • Finally, install the recent version of the flash player.

Here, we will discuss some tips that could be of help if you face any issues with your flash player.

Install new flash player on your Windows 8 PC

The first step is to install the latest version of the flash player on your Windows 8 machine and see whether it is able to play the rich media contents in the Windows store mode. If not, then proceed with the following guidelines.

Try to play the content in Desktop mode

If the Windows Store mode is not able to play your files, then try to play using the Desktop mode. This can be achieved with the following steps.

  • In the desktop mode, try to open the webpage having the HD content in your IE.
  • Next, open the Tools menu by clicking on it and select the option saying View on the Desktop.

    Windows 8 OS

       Issues In Windows 8 Flash Player

Disabling ActiveX Filtering

  • Navigate to the webpage having the rich media content in the Desktop mode.
  • Navigate to Tools, then to Safety and see whether the ActiveX Filtering is selected or not. If so, uncheck it.

How to enable the flash player

  • Open the page containing the rich content in the Desktop mode.
  • From the menu called Settings, select the option Manage add-ons.
  • Decide on the Flash player add-on, select it to enable it and after that click the Close button.

The above said easy tips will help you solve the Windows 8 problems related to your Flash player. For any further assistance, you can contact the Windows Support team.

Microsoft Denies Developers Early Access To Windows 8.1 RTM Bits

Windows 8 problems,

                  Fix Windows 8 Problems

Microsoft has always been particular about incorporating new changes whenever it releases new operating systems or services. However, the change it has planned to bring with Windows 8.1 RTM bits is not good news for developers. Microsoft officially announced that it will not grant developers early access to Windows RTM bits. Developers have long been enjoying early access to new operating systems from Microsoft to test their Apps against the operating system. This early access facility has helped them make their app flawless and perfect from the very first day of the launch of the operating system.

Reason for denial of early access to Windows 8.1 RTM bits

According to sources associated with Microsoft, the company fears that granting developers with early access to Windows Phone 8 SDK would reveal the new features that the company want to surprise its customers with. Obviously, developers will be able to get a glimpse of the new platform few moments before the official launch of the service. But they can’t use that gap to test their apps against the operating system.

Windows Store in 8.1

Well, Microsoft has yet another reason to justify its decision to deny early access to the Windows 8.1 RTM bits. It states that Windows Store for 8.1 is not going to open before the launch of the operating system and thus, developers need not regret not having early access to the bits. The tech giant reiterated that the developers will have access to the bits immediately after the launch of the operating system. They can access Windows Store for 8.1 using the same App ID they were using to access the same for Windows 8.

No compatibility issues for Windows 8 apps on Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 RTM bits

               Windows 8 Operating System

According to Microsoft experts, all apps that are compatible on Windows 8 operating system will be compatible on Windows 8.1 as well. The only requirement is that the apps should be Windows Store/Metro-Style based. Microsoft is currently working on the compatibility issue of Visual Studio 2013 preview with some Windows 8 apps. Once this problem is fixed, the tech giant believes that Windows 8.1 would be an unparalleled operating system for mobile devices.

Addressing Windows 8 problems

The tech giant has assured its users that it has addressed most of the Windows 8 problems reported. The new Windows 8.1 RTM would be a flawless operating system with exciting new features. Microsoft hopes that Windows 8.1 would break the record of Windows 7, which is currently considered as the most successful operating system from Microsoft.

Steps To Install Apps And Games From Your Phone’s SD Card

Windows 8 support

Windows 8 support


Installing apps and games on your Windows phone from SD card is quite simple. All you need to do is keep with the instructions briefed below to install the application and game from your phone’s SD card.


Windows 8 support instructions

  • Eject the SD card and insert the card in the card slot. Move the .XAP files into the card that you have downloaded.
  • Next, insert the SD card that contains one or more .XAP file into your phone.
  • Restart the phone. To restart the phone, long press the lock screen/ power button on the side panel.
  • Wait for the Start menu. Click on the Start button. Slide the screen from right to left.
  • Scroll down the menu list until you find the label that reads Store.
  • Tap Store Marketplace tile and then tap the SD card.
  • Sometimes you will have to wait for a minute or two for the .XAP files to appear.
  •  Click on the search icon or the Microsoft apps window.
  • Select the application you intend to install.
  • The apps that can be installed in will be listed under the list of Compatible apps.
  • To install the application on your phone, you will need to have the latest version of the .XAP file from the Store on your SD card. So make sure that you have copied the latest version of the same into your SD card before you attempt to install the same on to your phone.
  • If you have not copied the latest version of the same into the SD card, your application would be probably listed in the Incompatible apps list.

    Windows 8 problems

    Windows 8 issues

  • Start the installation process. This may take two or three minutes and will depend on the size of the data being processed. Depending on the type of the data that you have installed, ie if you have installed a game, you will see the same listed in the games hub, whereas, if you have installed an application you will see the same listed in the main menu list.
  • Next depending on the type of the application or the game, you will be able to use them either immediately or later.
  •  Free apps and games can be used immediately.
  • Paid apps and games usually come with a trial copy. You can try on the trail copy and if you find it to be interesting, you can download the full version by remitting the requisite amount.
  • You wouldn’t be able to use the paid apps fully until you purchase them.

Follow the instructions briefed above to install the .XAP files on your SD card on your phone. For assistance and help on Windows 8 problems, visit our support centre.

How To Troubleshoot Developer Preview Boot Issues In Windows 8

Windows 8 problems, Troubleshoot Windows 8

Windows 8 problems

Like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 comes loaded with the “Start up” space that allows you to repair and fix the issues with Windows 8. The Windows 8 start up tool is capable of resolving all the errors associated with the faulty boot up. Erroneous files and folder can prevent your system from booting properly and can make your system enter into boot-loop.

To run the Start up repair on your Windows 8 powered device, reboot your computer. For this, first repeatedly press the F8 key on your keyboard. The system will now direct you into the new Reboot menu offering you three options.

Troubleshoot Windows 8 problems

  • Hit the label that reads Troubleshoot.
  • Now select the Advanced options label and then drop into Automatic Repair menu.
  • From the menu, hit the Automatic repair option. The Automatic repair option will fix the problems that pop up during the start up.
  • The Automatic repair option will ask you to choose the account that you intend to repair.
  • Enter the account password and hit the Continue option.
  • The Startup repair tool will now make Windows search the computer. The Repair feature will repair the errors that are found on your system.

If you still find your system underperforming and failing to boot properly during start up, hit the Restart option or the Advanced option for troubleshooting. Your system may probably prompt you the error message:

  • Windows Recovery Environment
  • Error Code: 0xc0000221

If your Windows 8 powered PC doesn’t have the Windows Recovery Environment installed in, you will have to use third party

Windows 8 problems, Troubleshoot Windows 8

                           Windows 8 support

Windows Recovery options on your installation media. Contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer for installation media. Press the “try again” option to try the restoration procedure once again.

You can also try repairing the Start up errors using the installation media. To do this just insert the installation media disc into your system’s optical drive and hit the Restart option. Repeatedly press the F10 key. Custom set the boot menu and make your system boot from the CD. Hit the Next button. Instead, of pressing the Install option, click the Repair your computer link that is located on the bottom-left hand corner of the window. Follow the on-screen prompts to repair the system.

The instructions briefed above will help you troubleshoot boot issues on Windows 8. Drop into our problems and solutions page for more assistance on the same.

Fixing Blue Screen Error In Windows 8

windows 8 problems

Solving Windows 8 problems

If you are a hardcore computer user, you would definitely know about one of the common nightmares you could face with one – the Blue Screen error. Getting interrupted amidst hectic assignments and projects, by an irrecoverable error that turns the screen blue, can be agonizing. BSoD, or Blue Screen of Death, occurs when a very serious or critical error is encountered by the computer, making it impossible to reboot.  Out of the different Windows 8 problems, blue screen error is one that causes quite the headache to the user. The following description will be very helpful for you to resolve this issue very easily.

How to get out of the fix

  • Reboot computer normally by hitting the reset button.
  • If you are able to log in to the computer, after reboot, follow the below steps
  • Restore the computer to an earlier date.
  • Open Control Panel. In the search box, type Recovery. Take Advanced Tools and select Open System Restore. If a backup is already taken, it can be retrieved from Advanced Tools. If you do not opt for this, Reset your computer or refresh it. Resetting the computer will make variations to the files and folders in it. Refreshing will not change any files or folders.
  • From Device Manager, select the device drivers and hardware programs that cause errors. You can reinstall the device driver, or update it.

    blue screen error

    Troubleshooting Windows 8 Problems

  • To prevent blue screen errors, you can update Windows.
  • Sometimes you may find it difficult to log in to your computer, and follow the instructions
  • You can insert the DVD of Windows 8 Consumer Preview into the DVD drive. Boot your computer using the DVD. Upon completion of booting, a new window will pop up. Fill in the required information, and select Next. Select Repair your computer from the new screen that opens up.
  • From Repair, select Repair Options, and Trouble Shoot to launch recovery. Just like you did above, reset or refresh your computer.
  • Choose Advanced Option if you opt for the advanced option. If the backup that is made is on the hard disk, you can opt for System Restore. If you have already made a back up and stored it on a CD/DVD, you can make a System Image Recovery.
  • You can solve the issues related with booting using Automatic Repair.

These are the different steps that you can follow, to solve Windows 8 problems related with blue screen errors. Fix it at the earliest so that you can get back to your work all the sooner.