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Sending A Group Message With Windows Live Hotmail

Sending the same message to a group of people at once is one of the most important things that any messaging service should have. It is very easy to set up a group and send emails to that group. This feature is more helpful, when you have an invitation to send to a set of […]

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Accessing Xbox Live Through Windows Live Games

One of the problems that most Xbox users face is that they are not able to access their games in their computers. However Microsoft has a solution for you, you can access Xbox Live through the Games for Windows Live software. Here we discuss how you can access Xbox Live through Windows Live Games. Instructions […]

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Microsoft Reminds About End Of Support For Office 2003 Along With Windows XP

If you have not been completely cut off from the outer world, you might have heard a lot about the end of support for Windows XP operating system. the Redmond based software giant decided to end the extended support provided to their once most popular operating system Windows XP about a year back and the […]

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Activating The Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP is one of the most widely used and popular operating systems. It is powerful, fast and can enhance computing. If you wish to sue the Windows XP Home Edition after the expiry of its 30-day trial period then you must first activate the product. This should be done only if you did not […]

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Resetting A Windows Live ID Password Using An Alternate Email

With a Windows Live ID, the users will be able to access their accounts for Windows services and features like Messenger, Hotmail, Xbox Live and Zune. The Windows Live ID program is tied to one particular email address, but the users can add an alternate email address to your Windows Live account. Remembering your entire […]

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Troubleshooting The Buffering Problems In Windows Media Player 11

If you have used Windows Media Player, you would have already noticed the media player pausing in between to buffer a video. You might find it too annoying and you might even lose interest in the music or the video, which you have been playing. However, what does buffering do? In fact, the process is […]

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Accessing The Message History In Windows Live Messenger

In this modern world, communication with your near and loved ones all over the globe is much easy and simple with the availability of instant messaging services. Instant messaging services such as the Windows Live Messenger provides text, voice and video chat services to its users and the users are greatly benefitted from these services. […]

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Restore Windows 7 Gateway Computer To Its Factory Settings

The Gateway computers powered by Windows 7 come pre-occupied with certain settings. The PC will be set in such a way that the computer works with utmost performance along with minimum battery use. Users would want to return to their previous factory settings because of various reasons. It may be because the system is affected […]

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How To Fix Online Video Buffering Problems

Streaming or running live videos without buffering depends on lot of factors. It will depend on the browser, your internet connection status and your computer system status. The network traffic can also influence the video buffering issues. Deleting cookies and temporary Internet files can often fix the issues with buffering. Follow the steps below to […]

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Tutorial For Troubleshooting Some Windows Vista Problems

  Windows Vista is a quite well known operating system, but apparently it is also widely known for all the wrong reasons. It is considered as a problematic operating system, and a breeding ground for all the Windows problems. Here are some guidelines from Windows online support team that you can follow. Instructions to resolve […]

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