Windows 8 Shell Themes Installation Requires Replacing System Files

Windows 8 installation

Windows 8 installation for shell themes

Windows 8 installation for shell themes necessitates you to replace the system files. This article serves as a guide on how you can do that in Windows 8 operating system. When system files are corrupted, the Windows operating system will not function properly. Under such circumstances, if you need to avoid fresh installation of Windows, the corrupted system files need to be replaced.

In addition to this, if you need to use some custom themes or prefer to change the default Start Orb, you have to change explorer.exe, shell32.dll files, which are system files. Therefore, it is desirable to understand how to replace these system files.

Provide Back up

Prior to the starting of replacing system files, ensure that,

  • System Image back up has been provided.
  • You have created a set of bootable recovery media.

Start replacing the system files

During some file operations, you may get an error message saying Access Denied and this error message may appear because you are not the owner of that file or folder.  In case, if you are denied access, you need to take the ownership of that file.

Check out these instructions below to replace system files in Windows 8 operating system.

  • You need to download the file Take
  • Extract the file. You can access two-registry editor files in that folder. This will help you to InstallTake Ownership and Uninstall Take Ownership .

    replacing system files

    Windows 8 installation process

  • Click twice on the file. Install Take Ownership. The registry editor will ask you to continue. After editing registry, you can see the success message.
  • Navigate to the system file that you need to replace. Right click on shell32.dll system file and select Take Ownership again. You can see the UAC dialog box and now you must choose Yes.
  • Now, change the name of shell32.dll file to shell32.dll.old. Do not delete this file.

You need to alter this file name again to its default to get back to the previous situation. Therefore, it is advisable to rename the file rather than deleting the file permanently. Remember that, you have to copy the new shell32.dll file in the same directory.

You have successfully changed shell32.dll system file. You can follow the same steps to replace other system files. Now you see that you do not need to do the Windows 8 installation every now and again while changing the themes.